4 Best Things at an Orlando Halloween Store Spirit

You know those those Halloween stores that breeze into town each year then spook out, never to be seen until next September? We went to Spirit Halloween (Colonial Promenade, 4628 E Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32803 MAP, 407-216-9584) to help a friend shop for his Halloween party and found our four favorite things. See below if you agree. Oh and our Orlando Halloween Guide is the most comprehensive guide to Halloween in the city.

1. Zombie Cat | There's nothing funny about a dead cat, but a zombie cat? Awesome. His glazy glare and "Who the hell are you?" defensive ear pose makes it a perfect accessory for your desk year-round. People will think you are weird, and they would be right. 

2. Duck Ghosts | We always knew ducks had personality, and this proves it. Next year they could be the new vinylmation collectors item if they make them in different colors and patterns.

3. Baby-eating Grandma | This life-size Grandma doll eats her grandbaby in full view of shoppers. Unfortunately there is no actual rubber-on-rubber fleshy squishing biting (or gumming?) action. Her head shakes up and down, giving you the idea of what she wants to do. And the baby looks like it couldn't give a crap. The baby looks a hot mess and she herself looks cheap. But together? Perfection.

4. Cross-Eyed Candle Baby | Finding another use for those candle-holding caroler dolls from Christmas decor of long ago, the makers of this scary thing added red eyes, made the candles orange and sheathed her in a tinted gauze.