Chandelier Makes a Forest of Your Dining Room

Denmark based design firm HildenDiaz debuted a new light sculpture in July 2013 that has quickly become one of the most talked about chandeliers of the summer.  Known as Forms in Nature, the sculpture features a central lighting source surrounded by a natural looking root system in a rough ball shape.  

The unique thing happens only when you turn on the light.  The roots surrounding the light cast shadows on the walls of the room forming what looks to be trees.  The light allows for any room to become sacred forest of shadows.
Fans quickly began asking where they could buy their own Forms in Nature chandelier.  HildenDiaz has now announced a new product line inspired by the sculpture.  The new lights are being designed to work in almost any setting.  Once the products are designed, the firm will be announcing a crowd-funding campaign to help bring the product to fruition with those who donated to the crowd-funding campaign being the first to receive lights from the new line. on Facebook on Pinterest on twitter on Instagram