Amy's Baking Company T-Shirts are Hilarious

By Ken Storey

One of the biggest meltdowns in recent memory wasn't a celebrity in Hollywood, it was a small restaurant and bakery out of Scottsdale, Arizona.  Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro was by far one of the most talked about episodes of Kitchen Nightmares ever.

The PR nightmare lit up social media also with a full on meltdown of the owners on facebook, reddit, and on their website.  The night culminated with a F*ck off to reddit, yelp, and "ALL OF YOU" with the promise that the company would "FIGHT BACK."

Radar Online reported back end of May 2013 that couple were in talks with Cineflix was one of a few companies trying to secure a reality show based around their restaurant and personal bad behaviors.

Well now the couple is cashing in on their potty mouth ways with a new line of merchandise with some of the more famous phrases from the meltdown.  The one is a reference to the odd Yelp review that a supposed cat wrote while the other is a famous quote where the owners block a customer from leaving while threatening to call the police.  The laugh out loud moment when Samy tells Ramsey that "I'm the gangster" is also featured.

The couple have their own drama when earlier this year it came out that Amy is a convicted felon while her husband Samy is currently facing possible deportation.  A long list of Health Department violations also came to light.

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