Merida Princess Coronation at Walt Disney World and a Petition Against Her New Look

On Saturday May 11, 2013 at 9:30am, Merida, from Brave, officially became Disney's 11th Princess in a royal coronation ceremony at the front steps of Cinderella Castle. 

Click here to watch the proceedings.

The event included an introduction of all the official princesses, one by one, like pageant contestants. Then from Frontierland, on horseback, Merida makes her way to the stage in front of the castle, says a few words, and a giant banner plops down with her name on it. 

She also got a makeover just prior to the coronation. And according to Inside the Magic, all the official princesses got makeovers, not just Merida. But unlike the other princesses, Merida has her very own petition going around asking Disney for her old look back. on Facebook on Pinterest on twitter on Instagram