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Giddy Up Uh Oom Bopppa! Oak Ridge Boys in Orlando

Anyone who grew up in the 1980's knows the song "Elivra," the song made famous by the Oak Ridge Boys. The band is coming to Orlando July 4, 2013 to perform at Hard Rock Live Orlando. 

Green Added to Orange and White as Official Colors for Evening in the Grove

The 15th annual gala event, "Evening in the Grove, an Orange, White and Green Gala," will be held on Saturday, September 28, 2013 from 6-10pm at the Sheraton Orlando North Hotel in Maitland. It has a unique historical theme (Central Florida's citrus history) and auction. This event benefits The Art & History Museums – Maitland. Tickets: Single $75, Corporate Tables (10 each) $1000. 

Each year, guests wear orange and white cocktail attire. However, this year, due to the business being honored (A. Duda & Sons, Inc., founded 1926) being laden with a celery history,  green will be incorporated into the citrus theme. 
The event starts with a VIP reception, then a silent auction a cocktail reception, and a tribute dinner with entertainment and a live auction. Photo Credit

Busch Gardens Tampa Confirms 34yr old Iconic Ride Shutting Down and VERY Soon

By Ken Storey

There have long been rumors of a drop tower style ride coming to Busch Gardens Tampa.  The rumors point to the fact that a drop tower is one of the few major thrill rides not found at Florida’s leading thrill park.  These rumors seemed all but confirmed on Tuesday May 28, 2013 when Busch Gardens sent out an email to media contacts announcing the park was “dropping big news” on June 11, 2013.  Two days later on May 30 published Federal Aviation Administration documents filed in January, 2012 where the theme park is seeking approval for a new 330ft tower.  The ride itself would be 304’ tall with approximately a 26’ tall machine cabinet on the top.  According to the FAA documents the ride tower will feature a dual-red paint job.
Theme park rumor and news website pointed out in February, 2013 that Busch Gardens rehab schedule included the four carnival style rides found in Timbuktu section of the park.  Sandstorm was listed on that rehab schedule…

Orlando Hipsters' Weekend Guide: May 31 - June 2, 2013

Frances Ha Review | Late Twenties Coming of Age Deftly Balances Awkward Humor With Genuine Pathos

Orlando Lens
By Nicholas Ware Twitter

Growing up is tough to do, a fact that both literature and film has reminded us over and over again from The Wizard of Oz through To Kill A Mockingbird and even, to an extent, the Harry Potter series. However, perhaps it is the French New Wave, spearheaded by Truffaut's Antoine Doinel series, that reminded us that growing up is hard to do even when you're already "grown up." Frances Ha, a collaboration between writer-director Noah Baumbach and writer-star Greta Gerwig (both of whom have been making variations on coming-of-age films for years), successfully mines the emotional yearning, dazed sense of a life unlived, and wry humor of those French New Wave films. In doing so, Baumbach and Gerwig create a film better than any of their previous, separate attempts. Frances Ha is funny, relateable, brisk, true, and above all specific in a way that only very personal independent filmmaking can be.

The film's title character is played by…

Holland Kindly Reminds Us That They're Cool In New Viral Marketing Campaign

By Ken Storey

With Gay Days going strong we might be use this time to celebrate the many great advances in civil rights and in city growth that have come over the past 28 years since the first Gay Day event here in Orlando. Holland in return has been at the forefront of many of the issues that Orlando, and America as a whole, have only recently deemed vogue. The Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Amsterdam Marketing and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol teamed up to introduce a new advertising campaign aimed at the North American travel market. “Holland: The Original Cool” focuses on aspects of Dutch life that are well established there even while they are just now becoming trendy in the United States. The campaign focuses artisanal foods, green energy, cutting edge art and design, and progressive culture. The Original Cool campaign was developed by Mustache Agency of New York.

Still Need More PI? Adventurers Club, Comedy Warehouse Performers Announce Charity Show

By Ken Storey

If you missed the annual PI at PH event at Parliament House on May 28, or if you went and still need more PI in your life, fear not: there is good news.  Adventures in Charity is a special comedy evening with new material from ten former performers of Adventurers Club and Comedy Warehouse.  
Taking place on the fifth anniversary of Pleasure Island’s closure, the charity event on September 28, 2013 will include a cocktail hour where genuine Kungalooshes will be available.  The iconic drink of Adventures Club has a fan base that puts the Butter Beer crowd’s dedication to shame.  

The evening promises to be filled with original material, along with many of the familiar twists that made an evening at Adventure’s Club so enjoyable visit after visit. 
Tickets for the evening begin at $15 with VIP tickets available for $35. VIP seating will be similar to that of the AC’s Library Show. The Holiday Inn Resort of Lake Buena Vista who is hosting the event also has special room rates a…

Local Startup Creating Its Own Unique Path Into Gaming Industry | 5Qs With Skauld Studios

By Ken Storey

Fast Company recently ranked Florida top in the nation for startups and the U.S. as a whole is at a 13-year high for startup activity. Locally much of the attention has been focused on medical and technology companies but the creativity that our region is filled with gives itself to some unique startups as well. One of these is Skauld Studios. Skauld is a local gaming startup with a unique twist; the card games are analog. Digital counterparts to the analog games will come along eventually but for now a successful analog games are the focus. 
Card games have seen a bit of a renaissance lately after the huge global success of Japanese game Rage of Bahamut. Some have compared the breakout success of the digital card game to that of Magic: The Gathering that was a massive success in the 1990s. 
Skauld is introducing their first card game, ‘Battle of the Bands,’ in a semi-public testing phase on June 15th at local card game mecca The Game Academy. TDC recently interviewed…

Construction Begins on The Ivy Residences at Florida Hospital's Health Village

By Ken Storey

Florida Hospital’s Health Village is booming right now with new construction.  While the two new towers at the hospital itself have been getting quite a bit of attention lately there is other construction within the 172 acre “Health Village.”   Visible from I-4 is a new apartment complex, The Ivy, that will ultimately change what commuters on I-4 see of the “Health Village.”  The apartments sitting along E. Winter Park Street back up to the interstate.  Their contemporary style and height will signal to drivers that the major changes are occurring within the "Health Village" are much more than just the cranes that are seen in the distance. 

The former mix of small single family houses have now formed a unified 3.4 acre lot that will quickly become home to the latest Craig Ustler development.  The local developer has been busy lately with over $1.1billion in development currently planned for the downtown area, including not only The Ivy but also the Creative Villa…

Orlando's Regional Business Brand to be Designed by Anson-Stoner

On Thursday May 30, 2013, the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission announced that Anson-Stoner (FacebookTwitter, website), a Winter Park, Fla.-based creative agency, was selected to develop the Orlando region’s business brand. 

“Orlando is well known but poorly understood,” said Rick Weddle, President & CEO of the Metro Orlando EDC. “Despite having the key ingredients companies look for when relocating their business, there is a perceived lack of economic diversity in the region that prevents us from getting in the consideration set of our targets.”

Anson-Stoner was chosen after a review process by the Regional Branding Committee, a group of more than 20 local branding experts in the region.

The roll out of the business brand is intended for the beginning of next year.

Newspapers Should Think Like E-Commerce Companies Says Lure's Matt Sokoloff

Orlando's Matt Sokoloff recently finished a fellowshipat the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute and has released his new solution to newspapers getting subscriptions online: Lure

The idea is for newspapers to think of themselves as an e-commerce company and start acting like one by acquiring paid readership online. 

“When you’re an e-commerce company you have to start acting like one,” he said.

In addition to the 30 minute pitch above, you can read a post about Lure:
"Sokoloff said newspapers are much like e-commerce companies when their main source of revenue comes from selling a product online. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of revenues typically ends up in a newspapers’ online marketing campaign, he said. Companies such as Netflix, Pandora and Hulu spend about 25 percent of their revenue on marketing and customer acquisition."

Prancercise Video: A New Way to Exercise and Looks Ridiculous

Prancercise is a thing. We want to see this on the sidewalks of Orlando soon. Or at least the cracked sidewalks of the disheveled golf course this video was filmed in. (via HuffPo)

Winter Park's Shady Park Goes High-Tech With New Interactive Game System

By Ken Storey

Shady Park sits just to the east of the Winter Park Community Center that reopened late last year.  The park gained a new outdoor stage and restrooms when the community center reopened but was mostly unchanged even while the community center next to it was completely rebuilt.  Shady Park will now be getting its own update though.  Two major additions will help park visitors enjoy the small park.
A new Neos interactive wall is currently being installed in the park.  The interactive wall features four interconnected towers on which buttons are located.  Participants can select one of nine games, each with three different skill levels.  Each game allows for one or two players.  The games simulate aerobic activity with video game style interactions.  The new one located within Shady Park is near the splash pad area, this should cut down on noise in other parts of the park.

First Green Bank Opening New Branch In Winter Park

By Ken Storey

First Green Bank has slowly expanded throughout the area since opening in 2009.  The Mt. Dora headquartered bank uses LEED certified building techniques in its branches.  The newest branch for the bank is proposed for 862 S. Orlando Ave in Winter Park (corner of Orlando Ave and Minnesota Ave).  The current building on the lot there has sat empty for many years after a home audio business closed its doors. Remote drive-thru teller lanes have been proposed on an adjacent residential property along Minnesota Ave.  The current commercial building on Orlando Ave will remain but will be remodeled, while the residential building on Minnesota will be demolished.