Orlando's Chinatown Just Got A Bit More Authentic

By Ken Storey

While many people know about Orlando's Vietnamese community found at the heart of Mills50 far few know of Orlando's Chinatown found a few miles west. Located at 5060 West Colonial Dr. the former Westside Crossing Plaza was transformed into Chinatown in the early 2000s. While the two dozen or so businesses that fill the strip plaza have been there for years now many people miss the plaza due to the lack of any major signage informing passing motorist of the Chinatown designation. 

In 2012 a statue of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, the Founding Father of contemporary China, was unveiled at the plaza. The statue was unveiled by Dr. Lily Sun the granddaughter of Yat-Sen.  The statue is the first of its kind in a commercial location in the United States.

in March 2013 a Paifang was unveiled at the entrance of the plaza helping legitimize the plaza as a center for Chinese commerce.

The new paifang greets visitors to Orlando's Chinatown
The 1st Oriental Supermarket fills the space vacated by Publix. Gone are the fried chicken and bakery replaced by live fish and frozen frogs.

The plaza is filled with small touches that enhance the Chinese feel of the plaza.
An authentic karaoke bar is found in the plaza
Fish in the 1st Oriental Supermarket

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