Virginia's Balloon Artist Community Is Kicking Our Butts

Let's be honest. Orlando has too many balloon artists. Our personal favorite is I-Drive CiCi's Pizza's Jesus, and not just because he's cute. So if we have so many balloon artists in town, isn't it about time they get beyond bouquets of ballon flowers and balloon hats, and get serious about creating object people, both local and tourist, could get excited about? 

Maybe we need an outside company to come in to get the ball rolling like Virginia did.

Airigami, a professional balloon art studio that does balloon sculptures throughout the world, did a 20-foot acrocanthosaurus inside the Virginia Museum of Natural History. It took four days to build with the help of the local balloon artist community. They were also used for school field trips in which local elementary students learned balloon artistry.
Do we need to bring in Airigami, or can our balloon art community come together to create something huge on its own?