10 Must-See Movies at Orlando Film Festival 2013

Orlando Lens
By Nicholas Ware

It's almost here! 

The Florida Film Festival begins this Friday, April 5th, bringing more than a week of great movies to Maitland and Winter Park. Also, the first day our fun TheDailyCity.com Lounge will be open is April 6.

Below, I've listed a recommendation of what to see for each day, assuming you can only see one movie. These are largely based on trailers and gut feelings, so follow only if you think our taste profiles match up. Otherwise, get excited and chart your own schedule of film fest fun! Remember that the times I have listed are not the only dates and times that all films are showing.
  • Friday, April 5th - Twenty Feet From Stardom - Regal Winter Park Village A, 7:00pm - Only one film is showing on opening night, but it looks like a doozy. A documentary about back-up singers, Twenty Feet From Stardom did excellent at Sundance. The film features Merry Clayton, who sang the unforgettable "It's just a shot away!" portion of "Gimme Shelter." Ms. Clayton, along with the director of the film, Morgan Neville, will be in attendance at this screening.
  • Saturday, April 6th - I Am Divine - Regal Winter Park Village A, 11:59pm - The first midnight movie of the festival is a profile of one of the greatest midnight movies of all time. I Am Divine not only showcases the legendary drag queen in all her glory, but also illuminates drag culture and indie film in general.
  • Sunday, April 7th - Magical Universe - Regal Winter Park Village B, 5:15pm - Shot over more than a decade, this documentary features an octogenarian outsider artist whose art primarily consists of photographs of Barbie dolls. While it begins as a profile of this eccentric artist, it soon becomes a story of friendship between the documentarian and his subject.
  • Monday, April 8th - 8 1/2 - Enzian, 6:30pm - One of the great films of all time, Fellini's semi-autobiographical masterpiece is as true a depiction of the creative process as one will find.
  • Tuesday, April 9th -Sightseers - Regal Winter Park Village B, 9:00pm - In what might be the darkest romantic comedy since Silence of the Lambs, lovebirds Chris and Tina take a holiday with a rapidly escalating body count. Watch it with your partner in crime.
  • Wednesday, April 10th -Pieta - Regal Winter Park Village A, 9:30pm - South Korea has perhaps produced the most interesting filmmakers of the current millennium, among those director Kim Ki-Duk. Like most of his films, this one looks brutal, difficult, fascinating, and beautifully constructed.
  • Thursday, April 11th - Unfinished Song - Regal Winter Park Village A, 6:30pm - A British geriatric feel-good downer in the tradition of Calendar Girls and The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, this film features the always-worth-watching Terrance Stamp as a old grump who finds joy in a senior citizens' choir.
  • Friday, April 12th - Cockneys vs. Zombies - Regal Winter Park Village A, 11:59pm - Let's be honest, the title says it all.
  • Saturday, April 13th - The Hunt - Regal Winter Park Village A, 5:00pm - Cold in a way only northern European film-making can be, this profile of a teacher wrongly accused of pedophilia won Best Actor at Cannes for lead Mads Mikkelson as well as two other awards.
  • Sunday, April 14th - Mud - Regal Winter Park Village A, 7:00pm - I will have a full review of Mud closer to its commercial opening at the end of the month, but as a quick recommendation this modern day Huck Finn story is one of the two films (along with Stoker) that I've seen in 2013 that I've truly enjoyed.
That should be more than enough for the casual festival-goer  Check back with The Daily City during the fest for reviews of various films and recaps of the bigger events.

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