Disney Gift Shop Truck Makes Appearance in Downtown Orlando

Photo via Orlando Local Guide
By Ken Storey

I shared the rumors of Food Trucks heading to Downtown Disney back in March but Walt Disney World has had another type of mobile vendor on property for some time now.  The gift shop trucks were first spotted at Downtown Disney by the Save Pleasure Island blog back in December, 2012.  Since then they have made almost daily appearances at both Downtown Disney and occasionally other locations around the property including at Hollywood Studios and Wide World of Sports.

Scott of Orlando Local Guide sent me an interesting bit of information.  While at Fiesta in the Park he spotted the gift shop truck over in the kids section.  He sent us a photo and posted a video on Youtube of the truck.

Have you seen this truck off property before?  Would you shop at a Disney gift shop truck off property?  This makes me wonder how well a Disney store might do in downtown Orlando, such as at that new Magic development.  

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