Thursday, March 14, 2013

Food Truck Row | Downtown Disney Transition to Include Food Trucks?

By Ken Storey

UPDATE APRIL 4, 2013: This story was picked up on
"The Daily City's Kevin Storey reports that "on the local food truck front there has been a major backlog for truck build-outs as one of the main food truck builders has a supposed mystery client who has rush ordered 10 highly themed food trucks.
Last week I shared the rumor that Downtown Disney will be transforming into a more high-end shopping and entertainment destination.  Rumors seem to point to a news conference this week; it was supposedly scheduled for Tuesday, March 12 but due to weather was postponed.  The press conference will confirm the general information that has been leaking out over the past two weeks about all the changes to Downtown Disney. There are now numerous reports that on Tuesday, March 12 an internal meeting between Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and cast members of Downtown Disney did confirm many of the details but some new details were also shared.  

Among the new details shared at the meeting:
  • Two parking garages will be included in the new plans, both the one already rumored for the area near World of Disney and a second one near Cirque.
  • Pollo Campero will be closing, which Save Pleasure Island has been reporting for weeks now, but now we know this will allow for a major expansion to the World of Disney store.  Save Pleasure Island is reporting that this should begin by the end of Summer 2013.
  • Pin Traders in the Marketplace area will be demolished.
  • Earl of Sandwich will be remodeled and expanded.

The entire project will take between 16-19 months, though I’ve heard that with store build outs and remodel expect up to 24 months before all the construction is finished.  The project will break ground by mid-Summer 2013.

While we wait for more details I wanted to focus on another aspect of the new Disney Springs.  In the slide shared in the former posts along with all the restaurants was a brand that might point to something unique.  While Downtown Disney has had gift trucks and food trucks on property for a while now this has mostly been low scale offerings that fill empty spots within the complex.  Disney has also allowed some local food trucks onto the property for events at the Wide World of Sports and some of the conventions around the property.  On the slide of restaurants was a brand called ‘Food Truck Row’ with a logo featuring three food trucks. 

On the local food truck front there has been a major backlog for truck build-outs as one of the main food truck builders has a supposed mystery client who has rush ordered 10 highly themed food trucks.  The new trucks will be ready by mid-summer, a timeline that lines up directly with the one that Staggs shared in the CM meeting on Tuesday. So with the evidence mounting do you think that Disney is about to get into the food truck scene on their own?  Would you go to a Disney branded food truck or would you rather have local food trucks at Downtown Disney?

I don’t expect the press conference that is planned to happen soon to include many of the specifics, just as the one with cast members didn’t, but hopefully we will know soon what all this Downtown Disney remodel will entail. on Facebook on Pinterest on twitter on Instagram


Anonymous said...

Let's hope they use independent food trucks and not the corporate crap they have there now. I was fooled by one at the Festival of the Master's--a food truck parked by HOB, we asked the guy working the truck about it and he said it was a corporate truck. Never again!

Anonymous said...

I hope they use independent food trucks as well. I have never been impressed with the food that Disney has put out to the masses. I am far more impressed with the tastes of our local trucks.

mooniepoo said...

Support Local Businesses - I believe it and practice it as best I can. I can't imagine any Disney Corporate food truck putting out the quality of food that our locals can provide. Rotating spots at the Disney complex works for all parties - give locals a shot at some good publicity and build their name, while Disney has a vast array of food truck offerings from all over Central Florida.

Anonymous said...

100% agree on local food trucks. so many great ones including Uber Good, melissa's chicken and waffles, yum yum cupcake, over rice, and a ton more. rotate them out regularly and give tourists a taste of great food from real chefs. not disney food.

Anonymous said...

While I admit to loving Disney and being excited about a revived Downtown Disney, I'm also a huge foodie and attend local food truck events monthly. There is something special about the local food trucks and roving events. IF Disney thinks they can compete with the latitude and creativity of the local minds behind trucks like the Big Wheel they must never have attended an event. Sure they make money off tourist, but locals and foodies from anywhere in the know will see it as a corporate shadow of the real thing...

Re Becca said...

Local Food Trucks would be fantastic and so hip! I would frequent downtown more often!

Anonymous said...

Disney will be feeding unsuspecting tourist. It will be a bland make believe food truck experience for those guests. However, it will introduce food trucks to a broad demograph. The trucks should be built first class and asthetically pleasing. As a local food truck owner I welcome the large boost of positice exposure. There should be an initial media blitz and continued coverage for the remainder of the year.

Rod W said...

I really enjoyed your article. Downtown Disney has been one of my favorite evening activities for years> I think the Disney Springs additions will make it even better. I linked to your article from my blog since I just wrote a post about strolling along Downtown Disney. I look forward to reading you more!

Rod Wheaton