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Downtown Disney Food Truck Truckeria Was Owned by Levy Restaurants and Is Now Closed

By Mark Baratelli

UPDATE 8:05pm 3-31-13: Levy's Truckeria Rolling Tacos has a personal facebook page as well as a business facebook page. Levy alsohas a current license for Truckeria Rolling Tacos food truck good January 29, 2013 through April 1, 2014:

UPDATE 5:35pm 3-31-13: Chad announced that Trevor won't be working on the truck anymore and that they will be at Downtown Disney there this weekend. So the truck is *not* closed apparently. The story continues!

Truckeria, a food truck tourists and locals could find in 2012 and early 2013 in Downtown Disney, is not only closed now (their license expired February 1, 2013), but was actually owned by the company that owns the Downtown Disney restaurants Portobello, Fulton's and Wolgang Puck's Grand Cafe. The company is called Levy Restaurants. They also operate the food offerings at the Amway Center according to Magic Basketball Online.

This document, shared with us by an anonymous commenter, shows the truck ownership proof…

Food Truck at Disney | Truckeria Rolling Tacos

By Mark BaratelliAbout

UPDATE 3-31-13, 3:38pm: Read the update here. The truck is owned by...

Walt Disney World is possibly creating its own line of food trucks for Disney Springs in a spot called "Food Truck Row." Before Disney confirmed Disney Springs (but not Food Truck Row), there had been appearances by a lobster food truck in Downtown Disney and several local trucks rented out by on-property hotels for private functions.

Since December 2012, there's been a mysterious threadbare food truck on Downtown Disney property off and on called Truckeria Rolling Tacos. 

According to the truck's Facebook page, it has just *one* venue: Downtown Disney. This could be for one of three reasons: 

It's a truck owned by two guys who are doing only one venue right now to get their feet wet, learn the ropes, and get used to running the truck by themselves. Later they will add more venues. Or more nights at Downtown Disney.Disney will only work with local trucks that *only* appear at…

Gigi's Cupcakes Debuts in Orlando Friday

Cupcake chain Gigi's Cupcakes is opening its first location Friday April 5, 2013 at 2562 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32803.Source

Read our Cupcake Guide to Orlando
We are fairly certain this is the first national chain cupcake business in Orlando since Babycakes NYC moved into Downtown Disney (1674 East Buena Vista Drive, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830).

Panera Protein Bowl From "Secret" Menu

Here's a protein bowl with egg, chicken, spinach and peppers from the "secret" Panera menu.

Downtown South Wal-Mart Coming Along

By Ken Storey
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I stopped by the new Walmart Neighborhood Market construction site at the corner of Orange Ave and Michigan in Downtown South.  The Neighborhood Markets focus almost exclusively on grocery items and are typically much smaller than a normal Wal-Mart.  The exterior of the building is almost finished.  This is just one of the many Wal-Marts currently under/soon to be under construction in the area.  This one is located in the newly remodeled Market at Southside plaza.  The plaza now features an Applebee's and Domino's.  The site plan calls for three stand alone commercial out parcels to be built against the roads, one on Michigan and two on Orange with a small plaza between them.

The 49,000sq ft Walmart Neighborhood Market replaces a long empty 60,000sq ft Albertsons.  While it is good to finally see something coming to this empty plaza it is a shame to see this piece of land still be used for strip mall development.  SODO just up the way offers a great …

CNL's Heritage Park in Winter Park Construction Update

By Ken Storey

I stopped by the CNL Heritage Park construction site in Winter Park recently.  The new three-story, 85,000sq ft should be finished by late 2013.  The main tenant for the new office building will be regional headquarters for Brasfield & Gorrie,one of the nation's largest privately held construction firms.  One of the unique things about the development is how far back the building sits from the Morris Boulevard   This was required by the city to preserve the large trees that are found along the southern edge of the property. 

As far as construction goes the building now looks to be topped out.  Expect work on the exterior walls to begin soon.

Thomas Thorspecken's Newest Work to be Shown at Lounge at Florida Film Festival

We bought this piece of wood last week for a project to be featured at Lounge which will be at the Florida Film Festival April 5-14, 2013, 

This sheet of wood is currently in the studio of local artist Thomas Thorspecken. He is turning it into something super fun for us. Come to the lounge Mon-Fri 4-8pm and Sat & Sun 12-8pm to see what he made. 

We think you'll like it. And want to take pictures with it. 

A Look at Wawa's Next Location

By Ken Storey

Wawa has seemingly taken the area by storm, some have even compared the popular fuel and convenience operator to a borg due to how quickly they seem to be producing.  Well the bunny rabbit of gas stations continues its massive Orlando expansion when it opened its ninth store earlier in March (make sure to check it out by end of the month for free coffee).

Six more locations are planned for this year.  I recently stopped by one of the recent locations to be approved, on S. Orange Ave at Pineloch Ave just across from the newly remolded Downtown South Burger King.  The site of the new Wawa is the former home of Clarkies, a small breakfast and lunch cafe that had been open since 1959.  The owner is looking for another location to open nearby.  The Wawa approval is so recent that no real progress has been made on the property yet, other than a sign informing residents of the possible land use change.  The site plan also calls for a 5,000sq ft retail or restaurant to be located … Email Newsletters | 30% Open Rate

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