Wear What Walt Disney Imagined on Dapper Day

By Ken Storey

In many of the original Disney Park illustrations many of the guest were shown in designer clothing.  Those visions of finely dressed tourists enjoy a day of fun at the parks have since been replaced by fanny packs and jean cutoffs.  Tourist now is synonymous with bad style (my Orlando area high school even had 'tacky tourist day' as one of its homecoming week themes).  Luckily though at least twice a year that original vision of finely dressed tourist enjoy a civilized day along Main Street has now been reviewed.  Known as Dapper Day the event is independently organized (much like Gay Days) hopes to bring back those early years of fashion and fun.  The name has less to do with the Dapper Dans, Main Street's barbershop quartet, and more to do with the original meaning of the term dapper.  The event, which began in Spring of 2011, this year will take place at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland on February 24th.  The day usually includes a few small in park meet-ups, such as the Dapper Derby where all the finely dressed participants ride the Fantasyland carousel, the one in Orlando now known as the Prince Charming Regal Carousel.  Another special fall event will also include Disneyland Paris.  Now if only we could get people on planes to dress in the fashionable ways they used to.

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