Mother Falcon | Art Show CREAM Presents the Best of Orlando's Best

Mother Falcon (Facebook | Twitter) at 817 E. Washington Street has a best-of-the-best art show coming up called "Cream" opening Saturday December 22, 2012 starting at 8pm. Admission is Free.

Parking: Thornton Park Parking Garage with entrances on North Eola Drive and East Washington Street. Street parking is available if you can find it.

The Falcon Presents: CREAM. The Cream of the Crop, ‘La crème de la crème,’ the cream of the cream, the best of the best. The Best of Orlando of Artists.

Participating Artists: Boy Kong, Brandon Rapert, Cake Marques, Charles Marklin, David McWhertor, DRES13, Ernie Turner, Heidi Kneisel, Johannah O'Donnell, Karen Russell, Morgan Wilson, Thomas Thorspecken, Patrick Fatica, Plinio Pinto, Raymond Klecker, Rebecca Rose, Stephanie Smith, & Vaughn Belak. on Facebook on Pinterest on twitter on Instagram