Yum Yum Truck Holiday Shoppe | Interview with P is for Pie Owner Tara Gould

When we announced the Yum Yum Holiday Shoppe on November 23, 2012, we touched briefly one each of the three artisan sweet makers.  Now we're giving you a more in-depth look at each of them. First up was Sweet Six's Jennifer DeWitt.  

Today we Tara Gould.  She is the Chef-Owner of P is for Pie (Facebook | Website) that specializes in everything pies from pops to full size pies. 

And don't forget The Holiday Shoppe is found on the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck and exclusively at The Food Truck Bazaars. Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see the schedule.

TDC:  How did you get started and why did you choose this product to make?

TG: I am a lawyer, not a trained pastry chef. But in my family, we cook. My father was from Alabama and I grew up on very traditional southern food. Everything was made from scratch and there was almost always dessert. I've been cooking with the women in my family since I was old enough to stand on a stool at the counter. They taught me how to make everything from buttermilk biscuits to fried apple pies and there was rarely an actual written recipe.

Despite being a lawyer, I had always wanted to open a bakery. I can't say why exactly except for my mild obsession with baking. Finally, on a whim, I went with a friend to look at a commercial kitchen. Motivated by fear of regret, I decided that afternoon that I did not want to find myself dropping my children off at college fifteen years later wondering why I never took the leap. And so, P is for Pie Bake Shop was finally on its way. I chose pie for two primary reasons. First and most importantly, I have always baked pie and it seemed like the natural evolution of years of baking. As a teenager and even throughout college I would spend hours baking pies for my family. My favorite part was the crust and I loved making them look beautiful. Second, I wanted to pick one thing and do it really well.

TDC:  How is your product unique from a similar product we can find in Walgreens or Target?

TG: You can't buy anything remotely close to a P is for Pie Bake Shop pie at Walgreens or Target. Every pie is crafted by hand and baked from scratch. I use natural, organic and seasonal ingredients as much as I possibly can, and I do not, have not, and will not ever use shortening. I jokingly refer to shortening as a nonfood product which has no place in my pie.

Mini pies and pie pops are the P is for Pie Bake Shop specialty. They are favorites for weddings and parties. Over time, the business has morphed into bakery/design studio where I help clients create unique menus and beautiful display tables for their events. I have even started making hand-made customized labels for mini pies and pie pops as wedding and party favors. This has been an unexpected twist to the business, which I absolutely love. So, although you may be able to buy pie at Walgreens or Target, you definitely won't get made-from-scratch pies with a coordinator on the side.

TDC: How would you integrate your product into a holiday meal or family gathering?

TG: I think the question really is how can you have a holiday meal or family gathering without pie? Pie is the classic American dessert and you absolutely have to have pie at the holidays. There are songs written about this! Even if families have multiple desserts, chances are there will be at least one pie.

The holidays are a crazy time for P is for Pie Bake Shop. Surprisingly, most of our Thanksgiving orders were for mini pies and pie pops. I think customers like offering their family and guests a variety of traditional holiday flavors with a modern twist.

TDC: What’s the most essential item in your kitchen?

TG: My coffeemaker, followed by my rolling pin as a close second. I wouldn't get far without either one. I'm also very attached to my food processor and stand-mixer. Sadly, my KitchenAid stand-mixer has recently decided it's tired. It quit last week.

TDC: Where do you see your company going in the future?

TG: P is for Pie Bake Shop is a very small bakery and I intend on keeping it that way. My end-game is to have a retail store front, but no matter what, P is for Pie will always be a boutique made-to-order operation so that I can ensure that everything is scratch baked by hand. 


Try P is For Pie at the Yum Yum Holiday Shoppe at the following The Food Truck Bazaar dates:  
  • Dec 1 6-9pm SANFORD Downtown, Palmetto Ave & Seminole Blvd 
  • Dec 2 6-9pm ORANGE CITY KMart Plaza, 810 Saxon Blvd 
  • Dec 6 5:30-8:30pm ROCKLEDGE 182-282 Barton Blvd
  • Dec 7 6-9pm KISSIMMEE Kissimmee Civic Center, 201 E. Dakin Ave 
  • Dec 9 6-9pm ORLANDO Behind Fashion Square Mall, Colonial Blvd 
  • Dec 13 5-8pm DEBARY Gateway Center for the Arts, 
  • Dec 14 6-9pm CASSELBERRY 95 Triplet Lake Dr 
  • Dec 16 5-8pm DELAND Earl Brown Park, 751 S. Alabama Ave.
  • Dec 17 6-8pm TITUSVILLE Sandpoint Park, 101 North Washington Ave

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