Monday, November 19, 2012

The Food Truck Bazaar Visits Titusville

The Food Truck Bazaar Travels to Titusville
Monday November 26, 2012
Sandpoint Park, 101 N. Washington Park

The Trucks:
Korean BBQ, Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, Beard Poppa, Coffee Urge, Bollywood BBQ, Cafe Rouge, Dimple Delights, Dixieland Diner, Fantastic Hummus,Local Yolk’l, Mayan Grill/Pupusas, Crepe Company, Treehouse Truck, Twisted Cuban, Chef Michael's Dog Truck, PopCraft (all subject to change without notice)

What to Do: 
  • 1. Bring your own chairs + tables
  • 2. Don't miss it because you're cold. Get your meal to go!
  • 3. $6-$10 per meal.
  • 4. Expect long lines. 
  • 5. Some trucks will run out of food. 
  • 6. Expect loud generators on most trucks.
  • 7. Most trucks take credit cards. 

The Food Truck Bazaar (AboutTwitterFacebook) is a large-scale traveling food truck event that travels from city to city in Central Florida each month bringing with it a nighttime foodie heaven for three hours each stop. On average, it goes to 12+ towns per month. Its the original food truck event in Central Florida and was created by! Born March 2011, The Food Truck Bazaar has been produced 70+ times in over fifteen Central Florida towns, at three universities and at one theme park. 

Who Puts This On?'s Owner, Mark Baratelli (About | Email | Facebook | Twitterhas been a proponent of mobile creativity since 2009 when he created Taco Truck Taste Test food tastings and Mobile Art Show art galleries. The Orlando Business Journal named him a 2012 "40 Under 40" award winner, called him "The Pied Piper of Food Trucks, and has written several articles about him and his events. There's no one in Central Florida with more experience or knowledge about food trucks than Mark. 

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Anonymous said...

I love food trucks and attend when they are in the Melbourne and Titusville areas. However, I find your "don't go ape #$#%$ to be really rude. People of all ages and sensitivities are reading this. It does not make for good PR for the Food Trucks. I'd like to make a suggestion that each truck bring a garbage can. The only one I found on 2 occasions was from the Portuguese truck. (I forget their name). Thank you for bringing these trucks to Brevard.

Mark Baratelli said...

I agree with your feedback and changed the language to what we normally say: "All trucks subject to change without notice." I am sorry for being rude.

As for garbage cans, each and every truck (at events called "The Food Truck Bazaar" at least) are required to have a garbage can in front of their trucks at all times.

Thank you for your feedback!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing the food trucks to Brevard. We're hoping to get there for either Tituville or Rockledge, or maybe even both. Your work to include Brevard is very much appreciated.

Do you include Brevard happenings on your blog often? It would be good to read more of what is happening here on your blog, as you do give several days' notice and alert your readers as to what may not make the only local paper. It's hard to know what's going on here and your blog seems like such a great source of info for the surrounding areas.

Anonymous said...

I would also like to thank all the truck owners for including us in your agenda. Sometimes we feel quite back woods. I hope the trips are profitable and will contentinue.