Apple Store at Mall at Millenia One of Only Two Locations in Country toHave new Floating Genius Bar Store Design

By Mark Baratelli
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Update 11-25-12: This story says New Jersey has one as well. 

Orlando and Philadelphia are the only two stores as of the writing of this post to feature the counter-less "floating genius bar" store design, according to an Apple store employee, after its renovation which ended around three weeks ago. See photo below of the Apple Store's new design inside Mall at Millenia.

What is a "Floating Genius Bar"? Guests sit at large communal tables and wait for their Genius to arrive rather than wait against the walls then walk up to a counter with a Genius behind it. This new design allows employees to interact on a more casual level and get up close to guests to help them with their computer problems. The counter design currently found in most stores keeps a far distance between the Genius and guest and feels less personal and more transactional.

According to the same store employee, the Apple Store in Florida Mall will be getting that same floating Genius Bar design after its own upcoming renovation. That location will become larger than its sister store in Mall at Millenia. It will be taking over the shuttered Pottery Barn space next door, once rumored to be the future site of a Dell store. That Dell store takeover did not happen. Dell can be found in a kiosk outside and down a bit from the Microsoft and Apple Stores.

According to the Apple store employee, the Mall at Millenia location is one of the top ten in the world for sales amounts. Florida Mall has a higher number of individual sales, but Mall at Millenia sells a higher dollar amount per guest. on Facebook on Pinterest on twitter on Instagram