Rocco's Tacos Opens in Orlando

By Christopher Balogh   

This South Florida restaurant, Rocco's Tacos (7468 West Sand Lake Road) has opened up a new outpost in Orlando.  With over 8,500 sq-ft of lakefront dining and the largest selection of tequila in the Southeastern US - a fiesta is always at hand and on your plate.  The restaurant is dressed to the nines with Mexican fanfare, but not in a way of jumping beans and big caballero hats.  No funny stuff here, authentic not only in style, but in food.

The table side guacamole experience is the Mexican version of tossing a pizza pie in an Italian restaurant.  Nothing like seeing your food prepared in front of you, and not Hibachi or Subway style.  Watching this act of mixing simple ingredients of avocados, vegetables and spices - shows what good produce and freshness can do for the palette.  It makes it hungry for more.  

The steaming bowl of Molcajetes was the main course.   Their version of an authentic fajita was baked and served in a lava rock bowl filled to the brim with shrimp, scallops, mahi & poblano chiles, calabaza squash, and charred tomatoes.  You will not complain about this dish being cold.  It looked like a mini-volcano filled with the ocean's finest.

And for dessert:  churros.  Not the type of churros you get at a fair that sits in a display case for 24 hours. These fried dough pastries are surrounded by vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate/caramel sauce. Hard to find room in the stomach, but it did.

Rocco's is not your run-of-the-mill Mexican restaurant.  None of that processed shredded cheese or bean-heavy dishes.  A surefire bet for a good time on a weekend date to a get-together with friends at a big table.  

Photography by:  Linsey Hicks

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