The Food Truck Bazaar Returns to Lake Nona Friday Food Truck Bazaar: Food Truck Bazaar (AboutTwitterFacebook) is the original travelling community dinner event in Central Florida with over 60 events in 15 towns under its belt since it was created March 2011 by Producer Mark Baratelli (About | Email | Facebook | Twitter). Its a family-friendly community dinner in the great outdoors, with food provided by some of the Orlando food truck scene's top trucks. 

Lake Nona: 

The event's itinerary takes it to Lake Nona for the first time in months on Friday August 24, 2012, 6-9pm at the Lake Nona YMCA, 9055 Northlake Pkwy, Orlando, FL. Its a lovely spot, perfect for this travelling dinner event. 

The Trucks: 
The trucks that will be there are as follows. (All trucks subject to change without notice) Yum Yum Truck, Cafe Rouge, The Crepe Company, Pop Craft, 5Gastronomy, Korean BBQ Taco Box, Pupusas, Big Wheel Provisions, Cafe Cocoa Mo, Saigon Sizzle, Travelling Gourmet, Bollywood BBQ, Ice Cream Social.

What to Do: 
1. Think tailgating: bring your own chairs + tables + tents
2. There will be 10-25 trucks (except in Longwood which has five).
3. $6-$10 per meal.
3. Expect long lines.
4. Some trucks will run out of food.
5. Expect loud generators on most trucks.
6. Most trucks take credit cards.

The focus of the event is bringing a town together over dinner. Since The Food Truck Bazaar only stops in towns for three hours a month, it avoids competetion with local restaurants and still is a family friendly popular addition to the town's cutural calendar. It also brings the Orlando food truck scene (Orlando Food Truck Guide) to them so they don't have to travel to Orlando and hunt for trucks. Each stop averages around 1,000 attendees. At certain locations we can host non-food businesses who wish to reach our audience.Become a Sponsor.

Upcoming Dates: 
August 26, 6-9pm: Avalon Park, Downtown Avalon Park
(All trucks subject to change) C&S Brisket Bus, Melissa's Chicken and Waffles, The Flattery, Tastebuds, Pupusas, Treehouse, La Empanada, Mama's Fixins, Feast Beast, Twisted Cuban, Saigon Sizzle, Korean BBQ, Monsta Lobsta, The Crepe Company, Firehouse BBQ, Big Wheel Provisions, Cafe Rouge, 5 Gastronomy, Fork in the Road, Swede Dish, Bem Bom, Darland Bakery, Sunset Italian Ice, The Batter Bowl, Yum Yum, Beard Poppa, Sit and Stay Pet Cafe, Cafe Cocoa Mo, Pop Craft

August 31, 6-9 New Smyrna Beach
(All trucks subject to change) Big Wheel Provisions, Cafe Rouge, 5 Gastronomy, Fork in the Road, Swede Dish, Bem Bom, Twisted Cuban, Saigon Sizzle, Korean BBQ, The Crepe Company, Treehouse Truck, Feast Beast, C&S Brisket, Tastebuds, Flattery, Yum Yum, Ice Cream Social
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