Friday, August 03, 2012

Orlando Design District

The Orlando Design District is home to over 40 design related businesses. This sector of the city has become the focus center for creative industry, a home where any business, large or small, can satisfy their diverse design needs. Its businesses span the spectrum of the design world, from creative agencies, architects, and print shops to vintage clothing boutiques, salons, and antique shops. exists to continue uniting the businesses that feed this growing community. Use it as an online directory to find out more about everything this community can offer.

The Orlando Design District begins at the statue of liberty on Magnolia Ave, runs down Orange Ave to the Florida Hospital, and extends out to the intersection of Virginia and Mills Ave.

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Kenneth Storey said...

Wow, when was this designation given to the area? I'm in the midst of a couple of postings on Uptown myself right now. So does this new (to me) Design District designation supersede the Uptown one or do the two co-exist?

Mark Baratelli said...

The only time I have heard the word "uptown" is in reference to Uptown Altamonte. This is two Main Street Districts: Ivanhoe Village and Mills50 District.

Kenneth Storey said...

The apartments on Orange Ave at the train tracks are called Uptown Place, I assume it's a reference to the Uptown district name.

I used this city document as the basis for most of my quick info.

On the Downtown Orlando webpage they call the area Uptown North Orange.

From my understanding Uptown runs from Colonial to Highland Ave north including Ivanhoe Village and Florida Hospital and I-4 is the western boundary. I think the Wikipedia for Orlando states it's something like this but I try not use Wiki too much.

So it Uptown the now dated name for the area? Are people not using this name outside of official(ish) documents?

I'm still trying to correct myself with the proper terminology of ViMi/Little Saigon/Mills50. I think it's Mills50 covers the whole area, ViMi is the northern section around the intersection of Virginia and Mills, and Little Saigon is the ethnic neighborhood on the southern side. But many people still call the southern neighborhood ViMi so IDK.

This Design District looks to cover a huge section of north central Orlando. How big is this Design District compared to other ones, such as Miami's?

Who is behind this Design District, the site seems a bit bear still.

Kenneth Storey said...

sorry for the wordy comment, just realized that was a bit much for a reply but the more I look at Orlando's unique districts the more they confuse me. We need easy terms like DUMBO or TRIBECA!

Otown said...

Design district seems to be akin to "Eola Square" = basically a brand / marketing tool. Uptown is commonly used in a generic way to reference the areas north of colonial, bounded by I-4 and Magnolia.

Lauren said...

I think it's cool! I like that Orlando has different districts.