Local Gaming Studio Releases First Mobile Game

By Christopher Balogh  

JHT Inc., a Research Park interactive training firm, announced the formation of Gentlemen Squid Studio, a division within the company focused on game development for entertainment purposes. The studio recently released their first mobile game, Astro Drop, to the general public.

Astro Drop is a fast-paced "fall and dodge" game focused on speed and reflexes. The goal is to reach your destination as fast as possible.

The storyline of the game seems like it is about an astronaut that jumps out of his ship to get to the birth of his newborn.  Avoiding obstacles on the way down, oh you know, like pigs with tiny helicopters on their back to an octopus with a top hat to a giant yellow jacket.  The usual.

Astro Drop can be purchased on www.astrodrop.com  and is available for Android and iPhone devices including the Nook® tablet. 

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