SunRail Wants One Marketing Company To Do Many, Many Things

SunRail wants one company to provide a bunch of marketing services and it might as well be YOU so apply online today. The positions are descriptions are below. Letter of interest due June 29, 2012 at 3pm. Source

Position Descriptions:

SunRail Project Marketing and Business Development Outreach Manager:  
Key member overseeing all aspects of the Business Development  and Outreach contract, 

Marketing Coordinator:
Key member overseeing the development and coordination of marketing 
campaigns designed to enhance SunRail’s image and to promote ridership.

Business Development Officer/Coordinator:
Key member overseeing the facilitation of business development strategies which integrate with the 
marketing and Transit-Oriented Development efforts.  Lead coordinator with the Department’s Public
Involvement/Outreach consultant coordinating outreach with private businesses.  Coordinate with the
Department’s efforts for facilitation of public and private development in the vicinity of each SunRail
station to enhance SunRail’s image and to promote ridership.

Marketing and Business Development Assistant(s)/Researcher(s):  
Assists the key members of the team in the overall SunRail Business Development effort. 

Marketing and Business Development Aide(s)/Event Staffer(s):  
Assists member of the SunRail team in the overall SunRail Business Development effort. Staffs sign-in tables at SunRail events. Performs lower level, delegated tasks as assigned. 

Administrative Assistant/Clerical:
Handles day-to-day clerical and office type duties. Staffs sign-in tables at SunRail events. Performs lower level, delegated tasks as assigned. 

Website Operator/Designer:  
Designs and coordinates website updates for marketing and business development
efforts with Public Involvement/Outreach consultant webmaster.

Shoots video at events, public meetings, and for video production purposes related to the SunRail

Digital Media/Video Editor: 
Edits and produces finished audio and video products for use on-air and/or on the web.  

Still Photography/Photographer:
Shoots still images at events, public meetings, and for production purposes related to the SunRail project. 

Graphic Artist:  
Develops artwork and graphics for marketing and business development materials, brochures,
printed media, social media, as well as graphics and artwork for use in video and on the web.

On-Air Talent:  
Does voice-over work for video, audio and web productions. Image may also appear on camera and be displayed on-air and/or on the web.   

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