Today at FFF2012: Sunday 4/22

By Samir Mathur, Contributing writer
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It's the final day of the Festival! I hope everyone has enjoyed it as much as I have, and that the gross weather of the last couple of days didn't ruin too many events.

Today's selection follows a couple of noticeable themes. Firstly, the Festival's two big Florida films are getting an airing. 'Beating Justice: The Martin Lee Anderson Story' (Regal, 12.30pm) is a documentary about a 14 year old boy who died while in custody at a Florida juvenile boot camp. The recent events in Sanford give this an extra edge, and the Martin family's attorney Benjamin Crump is scheduled to appear at this afternoon's World Premiere screening. Also playing today, for a second time, is Jesse Wolfe's excellent Everglades drama 'Eye Of The Hurricane' (review), at the Regal at 2pm.

In addition to Florida Films, there's a strong international flavor to today's programming. You can choose from 'Headhunters' (Norway, Enzian, 6.15pm); 'Where Do We Go Now?' (Lebanon, Regal, 5pm); 'The Intouchables' (France, Regal, 7.15pm); 'The Salt of Life' (Italy, Regal, 6.45pm); and 'Up There' (UK, Regal, 8.45pm). Oh, and two selections of International Shorts at Enzian - Animated at 1pm, and non-Animated at 3.30.

I've heard good things about 'First Position' (Regal, noon), a 'Spellbound'-esque documentary about young kids who perform in classical dance contests; and 'Hide Away' (Regal, 2.30pm), the Josh Lucas drama. Oh, and there's the Paul Simon documentary 'Under African Skies' (Regal, 4.30pm) for anyone who wants to dance to the sounds of 'Graceland'.

Finally, as always, the Festival closes with a Retro classic, and tonight is John Cassavetes' 'Husbands' (Enzian, 9pm). Starring Cassavetes himself, with Ben Gazarra and Peter Falk (FFF2005), it's the loose, largely improvised story of three friends who go to London for a weekend of debauchery. This is a rare chance to see a gorgeous print, of a great movie starring three legends - the only time all three acted together. A great end to a great festival.

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