Today at FFF2012: Saturday 4/21

By Samir Mathur, Contributing writer
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We're into the home stretch, and the jury and audiences' choices will be announced at the Awards Brunch at 10am at Enzian. The quality of the competition feature narratives was really strong, and I only saw one of the competition documentaries - 'Kumare'- and that was great. I'll keep you posted about winners once they're announced.

After that, it's another of the Festival's big prestige events - 'An Afternoon With Barry Levinson', at 12.30. I think tickets are standby-only for this one, too, but if you're a big film lover, it's well worth your time to head down, listen to the Oscar-winning director of 'Rain Man' and 'Wag the Dog', and see a rare big-screen airing of 1999's 'Liberty Heights'.

There are a couple of foreign films playing throughout the day which you might have missed the first time they played: 'The Lady' (Regal, 3pm), and 'Clown' (Regal, 8pm), which everyone I've talked to absolutely loved. Also, today and tomorrow you can catch French hit 'The Intouchables' (Regal, 9pm), with stars of excellent recent films 'Micmacs' and 'Tell No One'. It's the second most successful French film of all time, so that's a big endorsement.

Like music? Of course you do! Check out the enjoyable 'Andrew Bird: Fever Year' (Regal, 10.15pm), or 'Paul Williams: Still Alive' (Enzian, 4.30pm), an interesting documentary, directed by the guy that did 'National Lampoon's European Vacation', and is a muddled, but mostly sweet portrait of the man who co-wrote 'The Rainbow Connection', and is therefore in my all-time Hall of Fame.

As always, there are several programs of short films playing today, including 'The Best of Brouhaha' (Regal, 1.30), which showcases local Florida films; Animated Shorts (Enzian, 9.30); International Animated Shorts (Regal, 5.45pm); Midnight Shorts (Regal, midnight); and a short documentaries showcase (Regal, 1pm). The latter includes a short called 'Kings Point' (trailer), which is about a retirement community here in Florida, and should generate some local interest.

Finally, 'John Dies at the End' (Regal, 11.30pm) and 'Lovely Molly' (Enzian, midnight) both play for the second night in a row.

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