Rawr Denim Interview: Co-Founder & Editor-In-Chief Nick Coe

Interview by Benjamin Greger
Contributing Writer

This brings casual Friday's to the work field on a whole new level. I never knew just how important it was to focus and bring attention to your denim. I love denim as much as the next guy, but I didn't know it was this important. In my hopes to finding better quality jeans I came across Rawr Denim a few months ago, and I've been doing my research slowly. I reached out to Nick Coe Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Rawr Denim to grab some more insight: 

Describe to our readers what a "Denim Head" is...
In terms of raw denim, a "Denim Head" is a simple way of describing an extreme denim enthusiast - someone so passionate about denim that it's constantly on their mind. Hence the name, denim head! Whether it is in the form of wearing the same denim jeans for months on-end without washing (proven to be completely safe) and/or somehow being involved in the community, these are people that make denim a part of their life and daily routine.
What are the top 3 things people get wrong when shopping for denim? 
The three most reoccurring mistakes I've seen when people are shopping for denim include:

1. Too much emphasis on price - Though everyone has a budget, far too often do people purchase denim based purely on the price tag. Whether it is a $40.00 or $400.00 pair of denim jeans, price is not always a true indicator of denim quality so one shouldn't let this be the only factor.
2. Incorrect size and fit - Particularly with raw denim jeans, finding the right size can be tricky. If you know which fit you most prefer, it's best to be cognizant of whether the denim will either stretch, or shrink more down the road. A bit of research through the retail store, denim brand site, or other sources (such as yours truly) always pays dividends.
3. Not buying raw - I am of course bias, but possibly the biggest misstep I've seen is people not buying, or even considering, raw denim. Not only is raw denim better value over pre-washed jeans, but it also means you will be creating your own personalized garment that are environmentally friendly too.

Can you tell us where to begin when looking for the perfect pair of denim jeans?
Before even looking anywhere, I always recommend people to formulate a rough criterion before beginning their denim hunt. You should have an idea of budget, desired fit, ideal denim weight (12 Oz. - 15 Oz. is most common), and other possible factors such as denim origin.

It can be daunting to wade through all the brands available; it never hurts to do your homework. Especially if you’re new to denim, there are numerous resources available such as various websites, those involved in the denim community (like this one in our forum), or specialty retailers. Try to find 2-3 brands that fit your needs.

What is your favorite pair of jeans in your closet?  
Out of all the denim I've worn and still have, my favorite pair is A.P.C. New Standard jeans. Although they're not the most impressive looking or unique jeans, they were my very first pair of raw denim jeans and introduced me to the whole concept.

Personally speaking too, they're reminiscent of when I was previously living and traveling abroad. They took a complete beating after wearing them daily for a couple years, and the resulting fades and tears tell all sorts of stories. They've still managed to hold up pretty well too.

What's one type of clothing not made from denim that you'd like to see? 
Denim seems to have made its way into most accessories and clothing, but something that I would like to see made from denim is a parka jacket. I personally haven’t seen it done well, and being based in Canada, it could make the winters much more tolerable. Plus it would be a fitting addition to the infamous Canadian tuxedo. 

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