Lockhart Acres Farm

Lockhart Acres Farm (7780 Eden Park Road, Orlando, FL 32810), run by Regina Melvin, is a nonprofit farm dedicated to helping low income people eat healthy. At Lockhart Acres Farm, Regina and others grow all organic foods during a specific season. Other people come in to work the farm collectively in exchange for produce. In the near future there will be a farm-stand where they will be accepting food-stamps. The land will soon be welcoming chickens, and other animals as well.
Front part of property yet to be utilized, but owner Regina has plans for chickens, goats, and other animals to graze here. 

This is half of the bed area on the property. 
Here's the other half. You can see how they make the beds. They lay cardboard down, cover the cardboard with dirt, then plant the seeds. The cardboard is a natural weed repellent.

Mushroom Compost from Monterey Mushroom in Zellwood

Solar power panels to power the well
This well is used to water the garden. Its powered by the solar panels.

Cardboard for all beds to prevent weeds from sprouting through. 

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