Food Truck Orlando | Kerri Out

Kerri Out (Facebook | Twitter | Website) is a food truck serving "American fare with a Southern flair" with a changing menu going from traditional to exotic, based on the season, activity and the chef's mood and preferences.

Spring Menu:

Braised Pork Sandwich- on a toasted bun topped with traditional Southern Coleslaw, thin sliced Red Onion

Jambalaya Po Boy- Creole seasoned Chicken, Smoked Sausage, grilled Onions, Peppers and Tomatoes, lettuce and Aioli served on French bread

Buffalo Chicken Pocket Pie-Bleu Cheese Dressing- savory saucy chicken wrapped in a golden brown crispy pastry, served with house made Bleu Cheese Dressing

Herbed Goat Cheese Crostini-Balsamic glazed roasted beet, arugula salad, lemon & olive oil vinaigrette 

Raggedy Sweet Potatoes-crispy on the outside, creamy and sweet on the inside, soft sweet Garlic cloves, crumbled Bacon, Chives, Asiago cheese and Bourbon Honey Butter.

Honey Smoked Salmon Dip- Smokey and creamy with Crostini and Cucumber slices

Roasted Sweet Corn on the Cob-dipped in Butter, sprinkled with Creole Dust

Salted Bourbon Pralines- toasted Pecans blended into fudge like candy with a hint of bourbon, and a sprinkle of Sea Salt

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