Celebration of Imperfection Orlando Creatives Podcast

The brand new local Orlando "Celebration of Imperfection" Podcast (itunes, Twitter, Facebookwebsite) features interviews with top Orlando creatives who have garnered national attention. Its hosted By Steve Carsella. The Celebration of Imperfection is a podcast focusing on the background, motivation and process of creative folks in the (mostly) commercial arts. 

"We design, write, draw, think, and/or pretend for a living. Or at least I do. Are we narcissists? Are we masochists? Maybe both with a healthy dash of mood-swings to boot? Are we jocks? Geeks? Gearheads? (Is that still a thing?) Are we nerds with an unhealthy compulsion to shout out the typeface being used in the title sequence during the movie? Baskerville Italic!"

Guests include Julio Lima of Say It LoudJeff Matz and Paul Mastriani of Lure Design IncChris Robb of PUSH. Upcoming guests include Will Gay of Disney's Yellow Shoes, nationally renowned Copywriter and Creative Director Luke Sullivan, Art Chantry and Richard Boyonton

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