UCF BFA Exhibition

The University of Central Florida art gallery is pleased to present STILLmoving, the Bachelor of Fine Art student exhibition. The opening reception is open to the public and will be held on April 12, 2012 from 6pm to 8pm.

The exhibition will include artwork by both fine art and animation students from the University of Central Florida. Among the works will be multimedia, including projected short animations, and more traditional pieces including painting, photography, prints, and sculpture. There will also be food, drinks, and live entertainment. 

List of participating BFA students:

◆ Jessica Bargher Thomae 
◆ Steven K Blackburn 
◆ Ivanelis Carrasquillo
◆ Greyson P Charnock
◆ Seth P Czaplewski
◆ Luke A Daniel
◆ Michelle Davis
◆ Chelsea D Echols
◆ Miguel A Espinoza
◆ Stephen C Fonzo
◆ Douglass E Frazian
◆ Mateo Grajales
◆ Rebecca A Hertel
◆ Deneese W Johnson
◆ Amber N Kleimeyer
◆ Roberto C Laudati
◆ Steven Lebron
◆ Ethan J Merryweather
◆ Laura M Mills 
◆ Kim M Nedrow
◆ Andrew F Porter
◆ Ryan G Rea
◆ Dominique Sandoval
◆ Veronica L Suarez
◆ Marshall A Tindall
◆ Morgan M Walker

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