The $200 Six-Hour Closet Consultation By Dana Marie Roquemore Is Your New Best Friend

By Mark Baratelli
Owner of The Daily City

Dana Roquemore (websiteemail) does many things in Orlando: produce the Status Market four times a year, put on Swap & Shop parties every three months, and runs her own vintage clothing company Others Peoples Property. But most importantly, she does amazing and cheap one-on-one personal closet consultationsI had the chance to partake of her six-hour $200 "Ravamp Your Wardrobe" package seen below:
Revamp Your Wardrobe ($200 for Approx 6 Hours)
1. Personal Consultation
2. Analyze your personal style, body type, and work wardrobe needs
3. 4 Hours of Closet Consultation
4. Deliverable
5. 16 Total Ensembles with Photos
6. List of Key Items you may want to invest in
7. Removal of items you no longer want
8. Personalized Profile: Body Type, Color Profile, Do’s & Don’ts, & Shopping Guide (1 Hour Post Consultation)
9. On the Spot: Tailoring Concierge

Below is my experience with Dana. Photo Credit: Frankie Alduino

Step 1: Dana sat down with me in my home and told me her vision of the types of outfits she saw me in daily. She showed me clippings from magazines, links online to Pinterest and her own website and pieces from her own vintage collection that demonstrated her vision for the look she wanted for me. Lest you think I had no say, she listened to my needs and requests. I told her some people I deal with in business expect to see me dress creatively, and I didn't know how. I also told her I wanted to look like I put some time and thought into my clothes. She helped with all of that by the end of the day. 
Dana shows me how to roll up my sleeves, literally

Step 2: Dana walked into my closet and examined, shuffled and poked around. She pulled things to keep and things to donate to charities she works with. As the owner of her own vintage shop, she has a ton of great pieces. She brought some she thought would be appropriate for me and had me try some on. She put outfits together of my existing clothes mixed with some of her pieces and took photos of each outfit so I could remember how they all fit together. 
Of the five argyle sweaters, she let me keep this one. She also kept the pants and shoes. 
All the pieces above are mine except the shoes, which she brought from her own collection. I'd never, ever worn these things together before and I love it.
She paired a shirt and tie she brought from her collection of vintage with my own sweaters and pants. And um, I'm not wearing shoes. 

Step 3: A shopping trip was next. Keeping my budget in mind, she took me to used clothing stores and Target. This was one of my favorite parts. While I sent tweets and checked my site stats on my phone, she went through rack after rack, pulling pants and shirts in my size and placing them in a dressing room. When she was done, I tried each on, one by one, and she evaluated the fit of each. 

Step 5: When we got home, she put me through my paces. She put together outfit after outfit, and had a photo taken of each. See below for what she came up with.

Step 4: Since its impossible to fill someone's entire wardrobe in one shopping trip, she left me with a list of things to do when I shop. She listed key items for me to be on the lookout for that we didn't have time to pick up together: navy and black blazers, slim khakis, black dress shoes, colorful socks, and bow ties. Let me tell you, having someone else hand you a to-do list, specially for clothes, is a god-send for me. She also gave me helpful tips to use when shopping: Ask myself "Do I really need this item?" Choose quality over quantity. Buy pieces that I love, not just cheap items. She based that last tip on my collection of 5 argyle sweaters from Old Navy I bought when they were on sale for $10 a piece. 

She also said in general, my look should be shirts with stripes and plaids, ties with button ups under sweaters or cardigans and dark denim (which she claims goes with anything). 

This is a Sponsored Post. All services were provided free of charge by Dana Marie Roquemore.

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