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collide•scope at Urban Rethink Brings "Interesting, Intellectual (but not exclusive) Discourse"

A new bi-monthly event at Urban ReThink combines diverse and interesting minds, colliding to discuss creative solutions to our community’s challenges - with a twist.

collide•scope is a collaborative, thought-provoking event meant to begin an interesting, intellectual (but not exclusive) discourse among individuals from diverse backgrounds. Every other month, we’ll have at least three individuals of various diverse backgrounds collide (or rather, come together).

This month’s selected participants are I.S.K. Reeves, V, F.A.I.A. of Architects Design Group, Sarah Blacksher of Lure Design and Mighk Wilson of the Florida Bicycle Association.

One week prior, they will be given a challenge to consider and present on the date of the event. Given the limited timeline and direct challenge, it will be interesting to see what these creative minds develop and how they present their collaborative approach. The group can decide to present in any means they wish, be it audience participation, an ite… Personal and Dynamic Splash Page seems like a great site to know about. "Quickly build a personal and dynamic splash page that points visitors to your content from around the web."

Orlando's First Fashion Truck Coming: Lollipops & Pistols

Back in August 2011 we told you about mobile fashion trucks in LA and how we wished they'd do some popping up here, too. Well it looks like we won't have to wait much longer.  Local vintage clothing lover and online seller, Kristen Christensen, is opening up Orlando's very first fashion truck: Lollipops & Pistols (etsy | email).

She had the idea while mulling over the possibility of opening up a bricks and mortar storefront. She's already found success running an online store on the website etsy. She turned to her husband and offered up the idea of a store on wheels, a truck, instead of a physical store. He loved the idea. They bought the truck and are in the process of renovating it. We'll be updating you with progress photos.

The truck will debut at an upcoming The Food Truck Bazaar and hopefully will join our upcoming Fashion Truck Bazaar.

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The Fashion Truck Bazaar

Mark Baratelli will be putting on Orlando's first Fashion Truck Bazaar in 2012. Just like The Food Truck Bazaar, it will be a gathering of fashion trucks in unexpected locales. Venue, date and participants TBD.

If you're a vendor, venue or sponsor interested in the Fashion Truck Bazaar, send an email to Mark. Truck owners send your truck name, website, facebook, twitter, and phone number.

For the time being, fashion trucks will be featured at some of The Food Truck Bazaar's stops.

Tree of Light Feb 2

Orlando artists, Cole NeSmith and Josh Owen, debut their interactive sculpture, the Tree of Light (Facebook, Twitter)  Thursday, Feb 2 in downtown Orlando as part of ArtsFest 2012.

The Tree of Light is a sculpture that stands over 20 feet tall and twenty feet wide. Resembling a tree, it is made of recycled and reclaimed wood. Viewers are invited to interact with the Tree by turning on the 40 lightbulbs that hang from the Tree. Once all 40 bulbs are on, the lights dance to an original piece of music and then reset to black to start all over again.

The opening gala for the Tree of Light is February 2 from 8-10 PM at the Seaside Plaza (201 S Orange Ave, Orlando) in downtown Orlando. The event will be attended by several hundred art patrons, city officials, media professionals and arts and culture advocates. The event is open to the general public.

The Tree of Light is a recipient of a United Arts of Central Florida grant and will be appearing along with 305 other events as part of ArtsFes…

Orlando Sentinel Puts on Several "Signature" Events Throughout 2012

The Orlando Sentinel has signature events including a Orlando Sentinel 53rd Annual Spelling Bee, Florida Forward: Conversations About The FutureFlorida Music Festival and ConferenceOrlando Sentinel Top 100 2012Earth DaySentinel SpooktoberfestPretty in Pink Martini Party and Celebration of Voices.

Florida Forward: Conversations About the Future
Tuesday, February 21, 2012 | 11:30am- 1:30pm
The Ballroom at Church Street (225 Garland Avenue, Orlando FL 32801)
Plated Lunch will be served. Tickets are available online: $35 for single pre-sale tickets, $40 at the door, $325 for tables of 10. For more information call 407-420-5599. Join Orlando Sentinel and UCF Metropolitan Center for Regional Studies for our Florida Forward/ Building a Better Sports Town panel discussion about making Florida a better destination for sports. Panelists are Dr. John Hitt, President of the University of Florida; Alex Martins, Chief Executive Office of the Orlando Magic; Reggie Williams, retired NFL Player …

Jesse Armour Opens Macabre Show at NV Art Bar

The local artist Jesse Armour aka JFNA (, always inspired by the macabre, opens his latest show Friday February 3, 2012, 8pm-2am, at NV Art Bar (27 W. Pine Street, Orlando, FL).

About the artist: "JFNA horror art is the result of a lifetime obsession with anything that will give me the creeps. Starting as far back as I can remember I was watching the great German expressionist horror films of the silent era, the universal classics and cheesy sic-fi With my parents. The bug had bit me. Hard. It was something that never left and has become my inspiration in my art.

The films I watched as a child shaped my idea of what was beautiful and interesting. Black and white was where it's at.

My paintings are simple at first but if you look closely you will see it's what's in the shadows and negative space that tells the biggest story. Please enjoy my collection, but remember they are watching you too!"

Orlando Weekly's Al Krulick Emails Arts Community About UnitedArts Executive Director Search Committee

Orlando Weekly writer Al Krulick sent the email below to a slew of arts organizations, and The Daily City, about the United Arts of Central Florida search committee's inability to find a local replacement for the departed Executive Director. Its a long read but raises some interesting points.


Al Krulick:

By now, many of you receiving this email have probably read, or at least heard about, the Orlando Sentinel’s front page article on Monday, Jan. 23, 2012, by Matthew Palm, outlining the failure of the United Arts of Central Florida’s search committee to find a replacement for Margot Knight, its former Executive Director who left her post this past October.

Orlando Shakespeare Actor Injured Backstage

Saturday January 28, 2012 | During Act 2 of the opening night performance of Orlando Shakespeare Theater’s production ofRomeo and Juliet, actor Johnny Lee Davenport (Lord Capulet) fell backstage and sustained injuries to his head. Mr. Davenport was taken to the hospital where he received stitches and was released later that evening.  Following a hold to arrange for medical attention, the show continued with Artistic Director Jim Helsinger stepping in to perform the role. 

Jim Helsinger said Mr. Davenport will not attend this afternoon’s rehearsal for Cymbeline, but does plan to return to perform the role of Lord Capulet in this evening’s performance of Romeo and Juliet.  

Sundance USA presents ARBITRAGE

By Samir MathurContributing writer Staff page | Twitter | Tumblr

This year, the Sundance Film Festival is taking some of its big-name films on the road for the first time. Last night, our very own Enzian was one of only nine theaters in the country chosen to play a title from the 2012 festival. ARBITRAGE (boy, that title is annoying and hard to say) received its world premiere in Park City on the 21st, and five nights later, it was playing here in Maitland. Not only that, but star Brit Marling (last seen in the award-winning 'Another Earth' ) was in the house to introduce and take questions afterwards. It was a great event, and hopefully Sundance Film Festival USA will bring more festival hits to us - it's always a frustratingly long wait between reading about the films in late January, and actually getting to see them, and many don't even make it here. (As far as I know, 'Tyrannosaur' and 'Pariah', two hotly-buzzed films from Sundance 2011, have never pl…

Nonpartisan Presidential Nomination Process Coming to Florida

Americans Elect is the first nonpartisan presidential nomination process. They are looking to be on the ballot in all 50 sates and are already going to be on the ballot in Florida. Learn more at a public panel Monday January 30, 2012 at 5pm at UCF or at Tasty Tuesdays Tuesday January 31, 2012 in The Milk District. 

Anyone can sign up to vote at (don't need to change party registration and it doesn't mean you have to vote for the Americans Elect nominee). Users will be able to start voting on candidates in April and the winner will pick a VP nominee from the opposite party (Republican would have to pick a Democrat and a Democrat would have to pick a Republican). The winning ticket will be on the ballot in November next to the other two tickets.

.@OrlandoSentinel Talks Kissimmee Stop on The Food Truck Bazaar

The Oviedo stop on The Food Truck Bazaar, January 15, 2012
Kissimmee is one of The Food Truck Bazaar's newest stops for 2012, and the Orlando Sentinel gave it some ink Thursday. The bazaar will visit Kissimmee on first Fridays, 5-8pm, starting in February, in front fo the Kissimmee Civic Center.

This Sunday, January 29th, the bazaar is stopping in Avalon Park 5-8pm for the first time in a few months. This is always one of the largest turnouts of any stop, so 25 trucks will be featured: Twisted Cuban, Mamma's Soul Food & BBQ, Monsta Lobsta, SwedeDish Truck, Big Wheel Provisions, The Crepe Company, The Feast Beast, Cafe Rouge Truck (Bazaar Debut!), 5Gastronomy (Bazaar Debut!), The Flattery (flatbread pizza), Firehouse BBQ, The Treehouse Truck, GastroTruck, Que Rico, Fantastic Hummus, Korean BBQ, C&S Brisket Bus, Tastebuds, The Crooked Spoon, Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, The Batter Bowl Truck and of course the Sit N Stay Pet Cafe for the doggies

BurgerFi Locally Sourced Slow Food Burger Chain Coming

“Sustainability probably isn’t going to be a draw," to BurgerFi, a quick service restaurant based on slow food, local-sourcing and sustainability, says  Joe Huthinson, chairman of the food service and lodging management department at UCF's Rosen College of Hospitality Management. We politely disagree. Eight are expected in Central Florida in the next 2-3 years, with the first expected to open by mid 2012. Source

Library Kiosks Could Replace Libraries

Could library kiosks replace actual libraries? Maybe not, but they do have the potential to get books into areas of town easier than building a full library.

The Grind Miami Burger Battle March 31

If you love burgers and Miami, then make your way to The Grind: Miami's Burger Battle Saturday March 31, 2012. Thirty South Florida restaurants known for their burgers will compete. Tickets are $85 at the door, $75 online or $65 onlineusing the promotional code “BEAST".

Brian Feldman: The Skill Crane Kid Birthday

The Skill Crane Kid is turning one year old Tuesday, February 7, 2012 and its creator, Brian Feldman, is throwing a part for it the same day 8-10:30pm at SAK Comedy Lab (29 S. Orange Ave. Orlando, FL 32801). Free play for one hour or 99 plays, whichever comes first. There will also be balloons, buttons, party hats and cake.

What is The Skill Crane Kid?As an official part of United Arts' ArtsFest 2011, conceptual artist Brian Feldman produced a project called "The Skill Crane Kid" February 6, 2011. (@SkillCraneKid on Twitter) During Skill Crane Kid #1, Feldman remained inside a skill crane machine for 16 hours, 8am - midnight on February 6, 2011 at Stardust Video & Coffee in Orlando, Florida. Visitors plunked quarters (50 cents per play) into the machine for the chance to win some of the stuffed animals Feldman swam in. The event streamed live and each hour was recorded on video per posterity. It was brought back February 17, 2011 for two hours during Mobile Art Show #…