Most Popular 2011 Stories From The Daily City

Here are The Daily City's most trafficked stories for 2011 minus (a) food truck bazaar stories, (b) high-traffic stories written prior to 2011 and (c) our city guides.

1. No Trader Joes for Florida. Ever.
May 3: "On Tuesday May 3, 2011, we asked our Twitter followers in what location, if Orlando could get one, should a Trader Joe's be located. We got 30 answers...." Read N

2. Food Trucks
The Daily City's Mark Baratelli has been a proponent of Orlando's food trucks since 2009 hosting Taco Truck Taste Tests all over the city encouraging readers back then to get out of their cars and eat in gas station parking lots with him. Cut to to 2011 and The Daily City was hosting Central Florida's first gourmet food truck event (which we asked someone to start April 2010), informing locals with it's Orlando Food Truck Guide and giving it's readers exclusive firsts about the creation of Big Wheel Provisions' truck, the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, several other trucks and both 24/7 food truck stops.
February 1: Food Truck: Korean BBQ Taco Box
February 2 Big Wheel Provisions Food Truck Ready in Six Weeks
February 22: The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck to Bring Sweets
March 27 First Photos of The Yum Yum Cupcake Truck
May 17 Maitland Food Truck Pod
October 12 24/7 Food Truck Lot Opens in November
3. Orlando Calling | Florida's Largest Music Festival Coming to Orlando
January 4: "The state of Florida's largest (and newest) music festival, Orlando Calling, will be presented for the first time ever November 11-13, 2011 at the Florida Citrus Bowl..." Read Now

4. Amway Center Grey Goose 180 Lounge in Downtown Orlando
February 7: "Get a sneak peek at the new Grey Goose 180 Lounge sitting atop the Amway Center right below the spire with a perfect skyline view of downtown Orlando..." Read Now

5. Adopt This Eyeless Cat
February 7: "...he's putting up fifty bucks of his blog's own money to go to Orange County Animal Services as soon as someone steps up and adopts Smokey the Eyeless Cat." Read Now

6. Coach Outlet Store Not True Outlet Store
September 6: "Did you know a Coach outlet store (like the one at Orlando Premium Outlets) makes 80% of the products in the store specifically for the store? Meaning, the store isn't a *true* outlet..." Read Now

7. Project Profile: The Sit Project
February 8 "I find a chair that has been thrown to the curbside and is destined for the landfill. I take it home and fix it up. Whether that means crazy blue plaid duct tape to hold the arm rest together or just a fun paint job. Then I find a bus stop that doesn't have a seat provided and plant my chair! " Read Now

8. International Pillow Fight Day 2011
March 16 "Orlando’s International Pillow Fight Day event is Saturday, April 2, 2011, 5pm - 5:30pm at a location to be announced the day of the event. Probably on Twitter. Bring a pillow, wait to hear the official shriek of "Pillow fight!" and swing like hell in a massive urban pillow fight. Costumes and bottled water encouraged. " Read Now

9. Restaurant Review: Pine 22
January 7 "Guests are given a sheet and a pencil and are invited to build their own burger from 5 patty, 6 bun, 10 cheese, 22 sauce, 19 topping and 9 premium topping choices. If you want to figure out how many combinations that can make, here's the equation :" Read Now

10. Nerdy Burlesque: Hot Nerd Girls in Skill Focus Burlesque
May 13 "Skill Focus: Burlesque is a group of nerd girls "out to have fun, be nerds, entertain, wear fabulous outfits..." and then take them off!" Read Now

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