Huffington Post Says 2012 is the "Fall of Food Trucks". Oh Shut Up.

By Mark Baratelli 

The Huffington Post released their twelve food trend predicitons for 2012 and lo and behold, here's another upturned nose at the food truck industry. Folks, they've been saying this crap about cupcakes forever and those damn things keep selling. Don't let the naysayers make you think food trucks are a trend. If they are, then so are car tires, hair cuts and shoes.

Food trucks are a food serving medium. Its not a trend. It may morph and change into something different than what we know of today, but I strongly personally feel its an industry that is here to stay. Why?

(1)It's got a built in benefit: you don't have to drive to them, they drive to you. They can move from hood to office park to church parking lot. 

(2) A truck that serves Asian pork Mexican Gourmet Butternut Tofu Baubles today can turn around on a (medium size) dime and serve something totally different should the bauble demand fall. 

(3) A food truck today can be a restaurant tomorrow; trucks can be the stepping stone a future restauranteur needs to get her dream of a 100-seat bistro off the ground.

(4) Ask the ethnic food trucks along Semoran and OBT if they think this is a trend. They've been in Orlando years way before the gourmet wave slapped us with unexpected nibblins.

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