How People Find Restaurant Info

A Pew Internet study came out about how people find information about restaurants, bars and clubs.  Only 3% use social media while 38% use search engines. Makes sense. Only 5% rely on newspaper websites and only 8% rely on local TV broadcasts and websites. See a portion of the study below. Read the full study here. 

Some 55% of adults say they get news and information about local restaurants, bars, and clubs.  When they seek such information, here are the sources they say they rely on most:
· 51% turn to the internet, including:
          o   search engines - 38% rely on them
          o   specialty websites - 17% rely on them
          o   social media - 3% rely on social networking sites or Twitter1
· 31% rely on newspapers, including
          o   printed copies - 26% rely on them
          o   newspaper websites - 5% rely on them
· 23% rely on word of mouth
· 8% rely on local TV, either broadcasts or websites

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