Cooking Channel's Eat St. Films in Orlando @EatStTweet

By Mark Baratelli

I got asked to speak on the Cooking Channel's TV show Eat St. about the Orlando food truck scene while it's in town this week filming. The show highlights food trucks in cities across the country and was scheduled to film here July 4, 5 and 6. While we were excited to be asked to be at all three days of filming to speak about each truck, we could only attend the second day due to work.

The first day they were shooting with the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, the second with Big Wheel Provisions and the third (today) will be with at The Crooked Spoon.

When we showed up Tuesday at the Big Wheel Truck, parked at the Maitland Food "Cafe" (the city isn't using the word "pod" on their giant highway-size light-up flashing sign they park on the right side of Mills Ave), we greeted the crew, Producer and the foodie bloggers and newspaper people that showed up.

I watched the film crew first film someone we didn't recognize (pictured below), then we waited some more, then let the crew know I had to leave at 6:50pm for a rehearsal. Pretty soon they had me up at the truck ordering on camera. I ordered a chicken skewers dish and teased the owner, Tony, on camera a little while I ordered.

The camera crew pulled me to the opposite side of the truck with my white tray of chicken skewers and began grilling me about the food truck scene, Tony's truck, and the skewers. I did my best to be serious, but it was so surreal I just giggled and cracked jokes. If they don't use any of my footage, I won't be surprised. This is kind of a bummer for me since I've been a food truck proponent since 2009.

But for the big picture, I am glad this national tv show even KNEW about Orlando's gourmet food truck scene. I mean, um, it JUST started this year! Congratulations to the three trucks selected to be featured on the show.
This person was one of the first to be interviewed. 
The show's Producer
Big Wheel Provisions Truck owner Tony getting interviewed. His back is to the camera.
The Eat St. Consent to participate

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