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Orlando Cupcakes Blue Bird Bake Shop One Year Birthday

Blue Bird Bake Shop (3122 Corrine Drive, Orlando, FL 32803) is celebrating their one year anniversary July 30 - 31, 2011 by introducing new cupcake flavors, reducing cupcake prices to $2 each and randomly giving away prizes like t-shirts, coffee, gift certificates and more. We were there on opening day one year ago. See photos from the day one festivities below and be sure to stop in, grab a cupcake and congratulate the owners. 

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Gift Basket Winner Picks Up Prize
The new flavor: almond joy  This family made hats and got free cupcakes!

The Sketchbook Project by Brooklyn's Arthouse

by Cole NeSmith
Contributing Writer

We let you know that The Sketchbook Project was coming to Orlando, and now it's here til Sunday July 31, 2011, noon - 5pm. The show opened Friday at the FullSail Live Venue and is a MUST SEE, so get there before it moves on to the next city.

The project is set up like a library. Each visitor gets a library card when they first walk in and then proceed to a large room where they can check out two of the 10,000 sketchbooks at a time. Tables and chairs are provided. Each book is a glimpse into the life of an artist. Some of the books are hand drawn sketches, some are paintings, some of collages and most are mixed media. But whatever the medium, there are millions of stories contained in this collection of original art pieces.

The library card you receive upon entering
The 10,00 books that travel with the show are retrieved for you.

Caroline Meijer from Norsborg, Sweden

Sara Bomans from Hasselt Limburg, Belgium

Julia Yellow from Savannah, GA

And, of co…

Meeting: Do you think Orlando has untapped potential? Care to share your thoughts?

UPDATE 8-3-11: A reader left this comment: "A woman named Kimberly Varney cancelled this event, claiming that she is sick."Creative Energy Management, an entity with one facebook page, one email address, no real human name and no website connected to it's domain, which describes it's purpose as "development, strategy and marketing for creative minds" is holding an open meeting called "Do you think Orlando has untapped potential? Care to share your thoughts?" Wednesday, August 3, 2011 7:30pm - 10:30pm at The Imperial at Washburn Imports (1800 North Orange Ave., Orlando, FL).

About: "There's a rumor that Orlando is more than a Mouse, a Wizard and endless greens. We'd like to know what YOU think. Come to Washburn on Wednesday for a very casual meeting of like minds. Think about what makes a great city. Is Orlando a great city? Could it be? How? What's not working? What is? And most importantly, Who cares? ... Do you?&quo… Ember Bar Tab Winner Is...

The winner of our $35 bar tab contest is Ember is Jill N.! Congratulations and thanks to for the prize.

Michael Wanzie Lets Mad Cow Theatre HAVE IT!

Whoa! Local theatre Producer and radio personality Michael Wanzie let lose some harsh words towards Mad Cow Theatre in his weekly email newsletter The Wanzie-Gram this week. Below is the full message, unedited, sent in his newsletter:

Despite my earnest efforts to put my issues with Mad Cow Theatre behind me, and to promote and attend shows that occur there (which I had been doing during this past year), I have unfortunately been informed by multiple friends and acquaintances who, for one reason or another have chosen to work there, that Mad Cow's well documented history of low pay, late pay, not paying at all, as well as the charges of misappropriation of funds, not only continues, but has worsened. Yet it is this theatre - the theatre that has used and abused talent as though they were indentured servants - to which the city has offered a sweetheart rent deal that will allow one woman to continue her militant, unreasonable, and megalomaniacal reign over an institution that clear…

Just announced: Odd Future coming in November

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer
Twitter | Tumblr

Odd Future will play the Beacham Theater on November 3rd

Odd Future - or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, if you're not into brevity - are, by far, the most-talked about new band of 2011. I think I've only heard three of their songs, but I still feel like I know a whole lot about them. Let's see: L.A. based gang of teenagers, all of whom do their own thing as well as perform with the group; not fans of Bruno Mars; one guy was sent to a juvenile facility in Samoa against his will; the main dude is called Tyler the Creator and he recently broke his leg; oh, and there's some business about their lyrics being completely homophobic and sexist. Read this article about how GLAAD has spoken out against the band. Apparently you have to either love them or despise them: there is no middle way.

Anyway, they just announced a tour this morning, and it involves a stop in Orlando on November 3rd. It certainly promises to be interesti…

Foster the People / Cults coming in September

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer
Twitter | Tumblr

Foster the People and Cults will play the Beacham Theater on September 20. Tickets available from here.

If you've been near a radio anytime in the last month or so, chances are you've heard 'Pumped Up Kicks' by L.A.'s Foster the People. At the time I'm writing this, it's #1 on Spotify in the U.S., and its parent album 'Torches' is #1 on the album chart. So they're doing pretty well. The band writes easy, lightweight, but upbeat and fun indie-dance songs in the MGMT vein, and will doubtless put on a great show.

Honestly, I'm even more excited by the openers, a duo called Cults, whose self-titled album is one of my favourites of 2011. They're from New York and sound like old girl-groups but with a cool, indie edge. Their song 'Go Outside' was recently named the second-best song of this summer by readers of Stereogum. (It came second to the aforementioned 'Pumped Up Kicks'). H…

Bacon! The Experience by Doug Rhodehamel

Note: Date changed to October 15, 2011. Same location. 

A month after his August party at Alchemy, conceptual artist Doug Rhodehamel's is doing the project "Bacon! The Experience" September 10, 2011 at Say It Loud(1121 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803). 

About: "A celebration of the most magical food ever invented! BACON! THE EXPERIENCE will tickle, tantalize and overload every one of your bacon sensory organs. Witness Doug Rhodehamel’s artistic interpretation of his favorite of foods. Taste the many bacons served. Drink the most amazing drinks from Bacon Vodka. And more.

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National Night Out 2011 Kick Off Party in SoDo

The 2nd Annual National Night Out 2011 Kick-off Party in SoDo is August 1, 2011 5-8pm at 120 W. Grant Street, Orlando, FL. Free doos and drink, give-aways and entertainment. Mayor Buddy Dyer and Patty Sheehan will be in attendance.

Survivor Weekend and Summer Sidewalk Sale at Give Kids the World

By Denna Eramo
Contributing Writer

Do you love reality television? Cast members from Survivor and many other reality shows are here in Central Florida this weekend to help out one of my favorite organizations, Give Kids the World. Give Kids the World runs The Village, a 70-acre resort complete with over 100 villa accommodations, entertainment attractions, whimsical venues, and fun specifically designed for children with special needs.

See more photos from Media event

You can meet your favorites from Survivor, Big Brother, The Amazing Race, Expedition Impossible, MTV's Road Rules and more. Hearts of Reality benefits Give Kids the World.

Full schedule for Survivor Weekend

Ladies from Survivor Nicaragua- Redemption Island
Cast from Survivor and The Batchlor
Big Brother cast and Mark Long from MTVs Road Rules
The "Fab 3" from Expedition Impossible
Survivor cast Spencer Duhmand Todd Herzog

Parking Spot Now a Bike Rack: what Could Say Walkable Pedestrian Friendly City More?

By Mark Baratelli

When I saw the above site driving through Ivanhoe Village Wednesday July 27, 2011, I pulled over, snapped some pictures and tweeted one out immediately in excitement. Is this not wonderful? They took an auto parking space and dedicated it to bike parking. What could possibly communicate "walkable pedestrian friendly area" more than this? Kudos to whoever is responsible for this. (The location is right in front of Ethos restaurant)

Listen to the panel we hosted called "Cyclists & Pedestrians in Orlando" on March 1, 2010 in downtown Orlando. The panel consisted of Mighk Wilson of, Keri Caffrey of and Angie Ross of