Orlando Food Truck Bazaar

 Food Truck Bazaar Food Truck Bazaar (AboutTwitter, Facebook) is the original travelling gourmet food truck event in Central Florida. Creator and Producer Mark Baratelli turned a one-time event on March 31 2011 into a 10-town-per-month traveling event with an average attendance of 500- 1,000 in each town. Become a Sponsor

It helps each town it visits, too, by bringing foot traffic to area shops and restaurants (yes restaurants!) and giving the locals in each town it visits one more reason to gather and commune. It also promotes both the mobile vending industry and the Orlando food truck sceneThe event itself is family-friendly atmosphere and dog-friendly. 

The Food Truck Bazaar has also done special event work for City of Orlando, Visit Orlando, Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Stetson University, Rotary Club of Winter Garden, Brevard Symphony Orchestra, Department of Transportation, City Arts Factory, Edgewater High School, Orlando Fringe Festival, Full Sail University, GameStop, Orlando Gay Pride Parade, Glenridge Middle School, Town of Harmony, Howard Middle School, Ivanhoe Village Jingle Eve (3 years), City of Orlando Holiday Lights Orlando (2 years), St Margaret Mary Church, Palmers Feed Store, Port Orange Family Days, Shampooch, The Rep (Orlando Rep Theatre), Street Soccer Challenge, Timber Creek High School, Audubon Park Business District, Lake Nona YMCA

What to Do
  • Think tailgating: bring your own chairs + tables + tents 
  • Expect long lines. 
  • Some trucks will run out of food. 
  • Expect loud generators on most trucks.
  • Most trucks take credit cards. 



  • has been a proponent of food trucks dating back to 2009 with our Taco Truck Taste Test food truck meetups. One truck at a time, we'd invite readers to try food truck food, explore new parts of the city and support small businesses. Also in 2009, we took the idea of food trucks and thought, "If you can sell food from a vehicle, what else can you sell?" and launched Mobile Art Show, a monthly show in downtown Orlando that takes place in a moving van. So we've had a long-time obsession with mobile vending! In 2010, we read about the Hells Kitchen Food Truck Bazaar, loved the idea, but thought it was a bit too ambitious for us to tackle. So, we blogged about it and left it at that. In January 2011, the owner of Red Eye BBQ food truck suggested we were the ideal people to put on a food truck event like the gatherings happening in Miami and across the country. With his vote of confidence, we made an official announcement February 2, 2011 and watched it come to life March 29, 2011.

  • The Orlando Business Journal named Mark Baratelli (About | Facebook) a 2012 40 Under 40 award recipient and the Orlando Weekly said "If everyone in Orlando who claims to care about the arts had 1 percent of (Mark) Baratelli’s energy and commitment, this city would be a world culture capital." That same newspaper named him 2012 + 2011 Best Local Advocate and 2010 Best Arts Advocate. He created and Produced Orlando Improv FestivalAudience Choice Awards and Mobile Art ShowHis event The Food Truck Bazaar won 2012 Best Local Food Event from Edible Orlando Magazine (2nd), 2012 Best Monthly Event from YELP Orlando, earned him a 2012 BizBash Best Event Producer nomination and earned him the title of "The Pied Piper of Food Trucks" from the Orlando Business Journal. 

How Long Has The Food Truck Bazaar Been Around?

  • March 31 Discovery Church
  • May 1 Orlando Fashion Square Mall Photos
  • June 12 Oviedo Mall Photos
  • July 10 Oviedo Mall Photos
  • July 17 Orlando Fashion Square Mall Photos
  • July 24 Avalon Park Photos
  • Aug 14 Oviedo Mall
  • Aug 21 Orlando Fashion Square Mall
  • Sept 11 Oviedo Mall
  • Sept 18 Orlando Fashion Square Mall
  • Sept 25 Avalon Park
  • Oct 16 Orlando Fashion Square Mall 3201 East Colonial Dr Photos
  • Oct 23 Oviedo Lowes, Red Bug Lake Rd Photos
  • Oct 30 Lake Nona: CrossPointe Church, 11002 Lake Hart Dr Photos
  • Nov 13 Oviedo Lowes Home Improvement, Red Bug Lake Rd
  • Nov 19 Lake Nona: CrossPointe Church
  • Nov 20 Orlando Fashion Square, 3201 East Colonial Dr
  • Dec 11 Oviedo Lowes Home Improvement, Red Bug Lake Road Photos
  • Dec 17 Lake Nona: CrossPointe Church,11002 Lake Hart Dr
  • Dec 18 Orlando Fashion Square Mall, 3201 East Colonial Dr
  • Jan 8 Orlando Fashion Square Mall, (Ft Lazy AfternoonPhotos
  • Jan 15 Oviedo, Lowes Home Improvement, Red Bug Lake Road Photos
  • Jan 22 CrossPointe Church, 11002 Lake Hart Dr., Orlando, FL 32832
  • (Woops! forgot to list Feb thru April here. We'll get to it soon. Promise!)
  • Sunday April 29 Avalon Park downtown 
  • Friday May 4 Kissimee Civic Center 
  • Saturday May 5 Sanford downtown 
  • Sunday May 6 Orange City, John’s Appliance, 911 S. Volusia Ave. 
  • Friday May 11 Casselberry City Hall 
  • Friday May 11 St Margaret Mary Church, 526 N. Park Ave.
  • Saturday May 12 Deltona Regional Library & Amphitheater 
  • Thursday May 17 Waterford Lakes Town Center 
  • Saturday May 19 downtown Longwood 
  • Sunday May 20 Orlando Fashion Square Mall
  • June 1st Kissimmee Civic Center, 201 East Dakin Avenue
  • June 2 Downtown Sanford, Palmetto Ave. and Seminole Blvd.
  • June 2 Downtown Longwood, 174 West Church Avenue 
  • June 3 Orange City John's Appliance, 911 South Volusia Avenue
  • June 8 Casselberry City Hall, 95 Triplet Lake Drive 
  • June 9 Riverside Park, New Smyrna Beach
  • June 9 Deltona Library & Ampitheater, 2150 Eustace Avenue 
  • June 10 Orlando Fashion Square Mall behind Dillards
  • June 16 Downtown Longwood, 174 W. Church Avenue 
  • June 16 Deland's Earl Brown Park, 751 S. Alabama Avenue, Deland
  • June 24 6-9pm: Full Sail University, 141 University Park Dr, Winter Park
  • July 1 Orange City KMart Plaza, 810 Saxon Blvd
  • July 6 Kissimmee Civic Center, 201 East Dakin Avenue
  • July 7 Longwood, 174 West Church Avenue 
  • July 7 Sanford, Palmetto Ave. and Seminole Blvd.
  • July 8 Orlando Fashion Square Mall behind Dillards
  • July 13 Casselberry City Hall, 95 Triplet Lake Drive 
  • July 15 Deland's Earl Brown Park, 751 S. Alabama Avenue, Deland
  • July 26 Mount Dora, downtown corner of 4th & Alexander
  • July 29 Full Sail University, 141 University Park Dr, Winter Park
  • August 3 Kissimmee Civic Center, 201 East Dakin Avenue
  • August 4 Sanford, Palmetto Ave. and Seminole Blvd.
  • August 4 Longwood, 174 West Church Avenue 
  • August 5, 6-9pm: Orange City, KMart Plaza, 810 Saxon Blvd
  • August 10, 6-9pm: Casselberry, Casselberry City Hall, 95 Triplet Lake Drive
  • August 11, 6-9pm: I-Drive area, World Bowling Center, 7540 Canada Ave, 
  • August 12, 6-9pm: Orlando Fashion Square Mall behind Dillards
  • August 19, 6-9pm: Deland's Earl Brown Park, 751 S. Alabama Avenue
  • August 23, 5:30-8:30pm: Mount Dora, corner of 4th & Alexander
  • August 24, 6-9pm: Lake Nona, Lake Nona YMCA
  • August 26, 6-9pm: Avalon Park, Downtown Avalon Park
  • August 31, 6-9 New Smyrna Beach
  • September 1, 5-8pm: Sanford, Palmetto and Seminole Boulevard
  • September 2, 6-9pm: Orange City, Old K-Mart, 810 Saxon Drive
  • September 7, 6-9pm: Kissimmee, Kissimmee Civic Center, 201 E. Dakin Ave.
  • September 7, 6-8pm: Melbourne, Wickham Park
  • September 8, 6-9pm: I-Drive area: World Bowling Center, 7540 Canada Ave
  • September 9, 5-9pm, Fashion Square Mall, Ronald McDonald House happy Hour
  • September 14, 6-9pm: Casselberry, Casselberry City Hall, 95 Triplet Lake Drive 
  • September 16, 6-9pm: DeLand, Earl Brown Park, 751 S. Alabama Ave.
  • September 23, 5-8pm, Downtown First United Methodist Church
  • September 24, 6-9pm : Titusville, Sandpoint Park, 101 North Washington Ave.
  • September 27, 5:30-8:30pm: Mount Dora, corner of 4th & Alexander
  • September 28, 11:30am-1:30pm, Orlando City Hall "Downtown Concert Series"
  • September 29, 6pm-12am, ZombietoberFest, Audubon Park Business District
  • September 30, 6-9pm: Avalon Park
  • September 30, 10am-4pm: Shampooch, 804 E. Washington St, Orlando, FL
  • October 3, Timbercreek High School Event
  • November 24, 5-8pm, Destination Daytona 1635 N. US Highway, Ormond Beach

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