Ep 4: Orange Bowl Parade, Voci Magnifique, Orlando Film Festival and Karen Russell

Daily City Episode 4

Episode #4 | November 22, 2010

Stories from the Mark
1. Doing PR for Voci Magnifique
I had the honor of doing all the PR for Voci Dance's most recent production called "Magnifique" that took place November 20, 2010.

2. Citrus Bowl Judge
The folks from the Citrus Bowl Parade were awesome to ask me to be a judge for this year's parade! Woo! Last year's judging was fun and this year will be too. Watch the parade December 30, 2010 out in downtown Orlando or on tv broadcast live.

3. HUD gave me a business card
I covered a HUD event in downtown Orlando and a real live HUD employee gave me a business card.

4. Orlando Film Festival
I missed all the movies, enjoyed the opening night party at Ember and did not meet the kid from the "I see dead people" movie.

5. Non-Attendance Guilt
I wasn't able to attend the Orlando Food and Wine Festival.

6. Chris Kirkpatrick Throws a Mean Party
The seventh floor of the The Vue was the site for the 2010 Chris Kirkpatrick Mask-Care-Aid fundraiser. Great music, fun costumes, lots of stuff to bid on and free booze.

1. Leu's Holiday House
2. Thornton Park Black Friday
3. Michael Wanzie's Crazy "A Christmas Carol"
4. Garden Theatre's normal "A Christmas Carol"
5. Orlando Shakespeare Theatre's "Chaps: A Jingle Jangle Christmas"
6. The Art of Hope
7. Sanford Holiday Tour of Homes

Karen Russell

1. I have a HUD business card.
2. Come see your host perform at SAK.
3. Downtown Orlando did Halloween right!
4. Congratulations to our show's director on their new baby, Sienna.