Local Food Blog TastyChomps Expands Into Video

By Mark Baratelli

TastyChomps is a great local food blog run by recent UCF graduate Ricky Ly. He made the above video for a Food Network contest and plans on turning it into a web series of his own should Food Network be foolish and not choose him as the winner. Follow TastyChomps on Facebook and Twitter

About Ricky and TastyChomps:
My love affair with food began when I was quite still a suckling baby. I remember my very first memory as a drooling toddler, taken by my parents to dim sum on Sunday mornings, and the sweet taste of the soy sauce on some wet and slurpy shrimp rice paste.

Many years have passed since that time. I graduated from the University of Central Florida a year or so ago, where I had spent my days as a student leader, serving student government, and even writing once in a while for the Central Florida Future student newspaper and Asia Trend Magazine. Upon entering the work force, and discovering that you will find a lot of monotony in "the real world," I decided to begin a food blog here in Orlando to catalog the different "Tasty Chomps" that I encounter and enjoy each day.

I love finding new or different places to eat and exploring different cultures through food. In the past year, my little blog has continued to grow, thanks to our loyal and amazingly awesome friends and fans and supporters, eventually placing as a finalist for Best Local Blog by the Orlando Sentinel Bests Bets of 2010, Best Food Blog by the Orlando Sentinel Orbbies Web blog Awards for 2010, and the covetous yet fickle #1 ranked Orlando Food Blog by Urbanspoon.com.