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2010 Alzheimer's Walk

By Lauren Gibaldi
Contributing Writer Staff Page

On October 30, the Alzheimer's Association is having a walk here in Orlando around Lake Eola. Registration is at 8am; the walk starts an hour later. It's a great event and a simple activity that may help bring more attention (and funding) to the cause. Anyone can participate as either an individual or in a group.

( contributing writer Samir and I are walking in memory of my grandfather, who passed away from Alzheimer's two years ago. Feel free to join - or donate to - our team, Team Chaya)

For more information, click here.


Currently more than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's, and 78 million baby boomers are at risk – unless we find a way to change the course of this disease.

Join the walk and get on the move to end Alzheimer’s. The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk® is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer’s disease. The money raised will go towar…

Greg Johnson Starting Improv and Writing Workshops

8-31-10 | We at The Daily City of course are interested in the improv community in Orlando, as evidenced by our Orlando Improv Festival coming September 19-21. So when we heard local stand up comic Greg Johnson was putting together an improv workshop, live improv showcase, writers workshop and sketch web series, we were intrigued. So we chatted him up at a small table in front of Stardust Coffee. Click below to hear the ten minute interview:

MP3 File

Orlando Improv Festival Offering Four Fabulous Improv Workshops in One Day

The Orlando Improv Festival is putting on a "Workshop Sunday" September 19, 2010 11am-11pm. Four workshops taught by performers from Boston, Atlanta, Seattle and Orlando will take place at Neon Forest Art Gallery (1741 S Orange Avenue, Orlando). Online reservations available right now. See below and register separately for each workshop.

Great Improv Happens On Purpose
Ian Covell | Atlanta, GA | Bitch & Camaro
Cost: $30
Time: 11:00am-1:30pm
Length: 2.5 hours
Maximum Class Size: 15
About: In this workshop taught by Ian Covell (Bitch & Camaro), you will be given tools to execute successful improv scenes 100% of the time. Learn scene work techniques in order to make solid initial offers, find and heighten games, execute organic edits, connect emotionally with your scene partner, and much more. Ian has combined his training in the Sanford Meisner acting technique with 15 years improv performance experience to bring a fresh perspective on how to improvise truthf…

Social Media Club Orlando Offers Social Media Clinic

Social Media Club Orlando (Facebook) is putting on a Social Media Clinic (September's Educational Event) September 13, 2010, 6:30pm - 8:00pm at the UCF Executive Development Center (36 West Pine Street, Orlando, FL)

About: Are you struggling with implementing a social media strategy? Do you want a Facebook Page, but don't know where to start and how to keep it engaging? Is your blog traffic non-existent? Are you having problems with your metrics?

For September's Educational Event, the SMC ORL Team has decided not to have a speaker or panel. Rather, we want try something new try something new and offer a social media "clinic". Think of this as a "crowd sourced" workshop where everyone benefits and you walk away with specific action items.

Here's how it will work:
(1) Between now Wednesday, September 8th, we are asking each of you give us a topic that you're struggling with in terms of social media - not topic is out of bounds from the most basic t…

Terrapin Beer Co. Dinner at Eden Bar

Brew Master "Spike"
Lucas Widrick
Contributing Writer
Staff Page

Before sampling what a Florida brewery has to offer later in September, you will have the opportunity to show some support for our brewing neighbors to the north. On Monday, September 13 at Enzian Theater will be a beer dinner featuring Terrapin Beer Company’s brews paired with the food of Chef Charles Hamilton. Terrapin Brew Master Brian “Spike” Buckowski will also be on hand to guide you through the meal and to further discuss pairing beer with food.

Chef Charles Hamilton

There are a limited number of tickets for this event and it is not often that beer dinners like these do not sell out in advance. After seeing the menu and the beers that will be served (see below with some notes on the beer in italics), I would not wait too long to reserve your spot.

What:Terrapin Beer Company Dinner
Where:Enzian Theater (and Eden Bar) – 1300 South Orlando Ave. Maitland, FL
When: Monday, September 13, 2010
Details: Cost is $70 …

Gulf Oil Spill Reaction Spurs Former Orlandoan to Create

Photographer and Musican Jordan Mitchell, formerly of Orlando now resident of Portland, is raising $1,500 through Kickstarter for the project below. Depending how much you give, you could walk away with a custom song, photo or postcard.

"I will create a photographic and musical response to the Gulf Coast Oil Spill through the mediums of self-portraiture and song. The Gulf Coast Oil Spill has had significant effect on my inner life and I wish to respond to that stimulus with honesty and creativity.

I will create a series of 10 black and white images that seek to tell a story about my individual relationship to petroleum and the context in which that relationship exists. Along with the images, I will write a "score" that can fit within the framework of the images, giving them color and life, and adding to the story as a whole. The music will add the emotion and background ambience that will complete the experience for the viewer. The work will be presented as a show and i…

Swamp Head Brewery Dinner at The Ravenous Pig

Photo credit

Lucas Widrick
Contributing Writer
Staff Page

If you missed out on trying Swamp Head Brewery’s beers at the release party in Orlando back in April or if you did not make it to the Great Orlando Beer Festival to get your first taste of them, you will have another chance to do so next month. Head to The Ravenous Pig on September 26th to have the opportunity to sample some of the beers that they have yet to release to the public paired with the always delicious offerings from the folks at The Ravenous Pig. You can also take the opportunity to congratulate Luke and Craig on representing Gainesville and Florida at the Great American Beer Festival (September 16-18).

Photo credit

Tickets for this event are limited and it is not often that beer dinners like these do not sell out in advance. Combining one of the best restaurants around with an up and coming Florida brewery and you can assume that seats for this one will go fast.

What:Swamp Head Brewery Dinner
Where:The Ravenous Pig – 12…

Carlos Mencia at the Improv

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer

First things first: Carlos Mencia is a very popular stand-up comedian, whose series Mind of Mencia was, at its height, the second-most watched show on Comedy Central. He can pack out arenas in this country, and so the fact that he’s doing a one-night-only spot at the relatively intimate Improv here in town is a big deal for his fans.

Now to that elephant in the room: Carlos Mencia is one of the most unpopular comedians around, treated by many comedy fans with the same levels of opprobrium usually reserved for Jersey Shore cast members. I don’t really want to dwell on that here, since this post is to promote his upcoming show, but it’s hard to ignore the incredible amount of scorn that so many pile upon him. I highly recommend listening to Marc Maron’s interviews with Carlos, from a couple of months back, which are truly fascinating and really help describe his motivation and character. Download episodes 75 and 76 of Maron's podcast here.


We Know These Signs Are Ilegal and We Can Pluck Them Out of The Ground, RIght?

Digital Marketing Bistro: Analytics

The next Digital Marketing Bistro, put on by Digital Marketing Revolution is Thursday, September 2, 2010 at 6pm at the Sonesta Hotel Orlando Downtown (60 South Ivanhoe Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32804).

"If you’ve spent time and treasure creating content, placing PPC ads, Emailing, Tweeting, and Facebooking, it only makes sense to stop and find out “How we doin’?” Yet this step is surprisingly overlooked by novices and professionals alike.

It’s been famously said “I know half my advertising is being wasted, I just don’t know which half.” And while this may have been true in Henry Ford’s day, in Digital Marketing, it’s not true at all.

Your website’s content management system will register how many hits each article gets and Google Analytics will validate this; your Email software will give open rates, AdWords will provide ultra-detailed performance stats; HootSuite will track click-throughs; and Facebook will offer you some insights as well.

When you put all this data together, you …

The Great Food Truck Race Zooms By Orlando

The Great Food Truck Race is looking for the country's best food trucks by taking votes now for those already nominated. And guess which city is NOT represented? Yup. Orlando. See map below. Now, we take some blame for this of course. Had we known about this contest we'd have spread the word and nominated all the great local Orlando food trucks out there. Heck we tried five of them at our last Taco Truck Taste Test

Downtown Pool Party

These are photos of a pool event on Pine Street, the name of which we are unaware of. Scantily clad people partied in a pool right in the heart of downtown on Pine Street. The road was shut down for the event. How cool is this?

Contest: Win This Book!

Local author Seth Kubersky's latest book Universal Orlando 2011 has been published and we're giving away a signed copy September 30, 2010! A name will be selected at random from our email list. Join the list below and enter!
Join Mailing List

For Email Marketing you can trust

Carl Hiaasen Book Signing

By Lauren Gibaldi
Contributing Writer Staff Page

Miami author Carl Hiaasen is having a reading and signing at the Winter Park Borders on Wednesday, September 1, at 6:30 pm. He'll be discussing his latest novel, Star Island, which is about an actress, standing in for a derailed pop star, who finds herself stalked on South Beach by a crazed paparazzo – and befriended by an unhinged hermit who was once the governor of Florida.

A columnist for the Miami Herald since 1985, Hiaasen has written numerous novels, including Skinny Dip, Basket Case, and Paradise Screwed, as well as the children's books Flush and Hoot. The latter was turned into a film in 2006.

S.K.I.P. needs your help

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer

Local musician S.K.I.P. is working on a project for his new record, ‘Until the Very End,’ and could do with your help. He’s putting the finishing touches to the album, which has been three-years in the making, and needs to raise $3,000 to cover mixing, mastering, etc. With just under three weeks to go, he’s most of the way there, but with your spare dollars, we can help push him over the edge.

S.K.I.P. (Justin Skipper to his friends) has put together a very original incentives program for potential benefactors – depending on how much you chip in, you could get exclusive bonus tracks, very rare artwork, t-shirts, even a private concert in your own house! Of course, you'll also get a copy of the finished product, too. Most creatively, S.K.I.P. has put together a comic book (!) starring some of the characters and stories from the album, which you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. And since nobody will be charged anything if S.K.I.P. fails to re…

Sustain Natural Market Grand Opening

Slow Food Orlando is inviting everyone to the grand opening of Sustain Natural Market (3060 E Semoran Blvd Ste 100, Apopka, FL) tpday, Saturday August 28, 2010, 1-4pm. Enjoy Complimentary Food & Beverage Samples including Deep Creek Ranch Burgers, Local Breads, and More. Meet Local Farmers and Food Artisans. Support Slow Food by purchasing our Snail Card, and receive discounts when shopping at local businesses like Sustain Natural

Last Days For Frogs and Diabetes

Labor Day weekend is the last chance for people to check out exhibits at the Orlando Science Center before they leave to make room for new experiences. Diabetes: A Deeper Look and Frogs all wrap up their engagements after September 6, 2010. This summer, these exhibits allowed families to explore and discover together issues such as health and wellness, the latest scientific research on tissue regeneration and uncover the reasons why amphibians are so important to our ecosystem.

Frogs features over 80 live frogs representing 20 species from all over the world while exploring their beauty, elegance, and importance to Earth’s fragile ecosystems. You’ll also discover fascinating facts about frog anatomy, lifecycle, vocalizations and adaptive coloring. All of these interactive exhibits will appeal to everyone’s innate sense of curiosity-both young and old.

Diabetes: A Deeper Look takes guests on a journey through an enormous blood vessel and demonstrate exactly how insulin works with the bod…

Marcell the Shell With Shoes On

Marcell the Shell With Shoes On must be watched. She sounds like a young Dianne Rehm and says great things while touring around her house. Favorite lines:1. One time I ate a piece of cheese and my cholesterol went to 900.
2. Guess what I use to tie my skis to my car? A hair. Guess what my skis are. Toenails from a man.
3. Guess what I use as a bean bag chair. A raisin.
4. Guess what I use as a pen. A pen, but it takes the whole family.
5. My one regret in life is that I'll never have a dog.
6. One time I looked at a diamond and it gave me a sunburn.
7. Sometimes people say "My heads to big for my body" and I say "Compared to what?"
8. My brother once got in a fight with someone and guess how he killed him. He impaled him on a brush. Via Emmabunny

2nd Annual Taste of the J

This Sunday, August 29, 2010 from 12-4pm, the Jewish Community Center of South Orlando at the Jack & Lee Rosen Campus is holding its 2nd Annual Taste of the J, a FREE festival of local food expected to draw close to 1,500 people.

Guests are invited to sample culinary creations for free and then purchase larger portions if they care to. There will be free classes such as Yoga and Zumba as well as Threatre South Classes like the Blue Man Group and Glee. And fun activities and games for families including video gaming with The Game Dudes.

This year, the following restaurants will be offering samples and vying for awards during the Taste of the J Food Competition. Awards will be given out for Best Dessert, Best Appetizer, Best Drink, Most Creative Display and Most Creative Food Sample Presentation. Even the kids can compete: an ice cream eating competition will be held for the youngsters.

Participating vendors:
Rosen Hotels & Resorts, Bagel King, Cohen’s Deli, Pinkberry, Kettle…

Florida Film Festival 2011 | Call For Entries

Calls for entries are officially open for the 20th annual Florida Film Festival, April 8 through April 17, 2011. Submission forms and eligibility requirements for American independent and international can be found online at the official website. Submissions can be filed directly to the Florida Film Festival or through Withoutabox. The Festival is sponsored by Full Sail University.

Competition categories include short films, documentary films (both short and feature length), and narrative features. Awards are determined by a jury of film professionals and by audience ballot.

Deadlines to submit American independent and international films are:

Early: October 22, 2010
Late: November 19, 2010

Early: November 5, 2010
Late: December 8, 2010

Accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Florida Film Festival’s Grand Jury Awards for Best Narrative Short Film and Best Animated Short Film will…

Retro game Night | Orange County Regional History Center

The Orange County Regional History Center (65 E. Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801) is bringing back its "Retro Game Night" Friday, September 17, 2010

About: Good old-fashioned fun with an array of classic board and video games throughout the museum! Play games including Pictionary, Clue, Battleship, Candy Land, Scrabble, Mystery Date, Twister, Operation, video games, and many more. Listen to cool tunes from Sunny 105.9 FM and enjoy free nostalgic treats, $1-$2 pizza, and a cash bar. 7 p.m.–midnight. Historical Society Members free, non-members $5 cash at door. Ages 18 and up. Retro attire encouraged. Special thanks to Toys“R”Us, iPlay Amusements, and Flippers Pizzeria.

IDignity Brings Identification to Orlando's Poor and Homeless Once a Month

Video Filmed & Edited By Mark Baratelli

By Mark Baratelli

Without identification, there's not much you can do legal in society. You can't get into school, get a job, get into most shelters, get a hotel room, cash a check, or vote. There are numerous barriers to self-sufficiency without identification.

On August Thursday August 26, 2010, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer led a team of City staff members and community volunteers at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission as they provided Florida ID cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, Social Security cards and other documents to the area’s impoverished and homeless citizens through IDentity, a local charity born in 2008.

I spoke with the Michael Dippy, Executive Director of IDignity, in the video above. IDentity gets all the government agencies necessary to provide identification together in one facility at one time for one day, once a month, to ease the burden of getting identification particularly for the homeless and the…

Join This Group Bike Ride Through Orlando Every First Friday of the Month

Bike/Walk Central Florida, CommuteOrlando and reThink want to promote cycling and roadway cooperation. "We want cyclists to be expected and respected as a normal part of the traffic mix, as groups or as solo riders. As one part of our ongoing campaign, we’re organizing a monthly group ride during drive time." Contact them for more info.

Here’s the plan:
We will meet the First Friday of every month. We may create start locations in different areas. The first will meet at Loch Haven Park.
We will ride in manageable-sized groups (8-14 riders) leaving from a central location and riding in ±10 mile loops. The number of groups/loops will depend on the number of riders who show up for the event.
The rides are social. The pace will be whatever is comfortable for the slowest rider.
The groups will ride double-file, legally in the right lane of multi-lane roads and obey all traffic controls. The object is to make law-abiding bicycling visible. The motorists who encounter us will see u…

Urban Flats | Order This If You Are Cheap Like Me

By Mark Baratelli

If you like to eat cheap, even when you go to a nice restaurant, follow my lead. Next time you go to Urban Flats for a quick snack or to booze it up (weekend long happy hour!) in downtown Orlando, get the above pictured thing. It was three bucks, filling and not on the menu (that I could find). The bartender recommended it when she saw I wanted to booze, not chew. Its just a seasoned flatbread with tomato soup dipping sauce. Cheap, good and filling.

Apartment Therapy Design Showcase Now Accepting Submissions

Submissions are now open for Design Showcase 2010. If you've got a great design or a friend who does AND you want to get it out there, now's your chance with this contest. Enter now

Who Can Enter?
• Independent & student designers from all over the world
• Design couples and teams are welcome
We're looking for folks who need exposure and a big push to get them to the next level. Already designing for a big company? That's okay, but send us stuff you're doing on the side. We want to help you, not the big company.

What Designs Are Eligible?
• One original design that has reached prototype stage or beyond.
• No designs are eligible that have been purchased by or licensed to another company.
• Designs can be for home furnishings, accessories, lighting, appliances or textiles.
If it goes into the home, we're open to it. It can be decor, furnishing or materials related, just don't send us a car design.
BRING NEW OR USED SCHOOL AND ART SUPPLIESStarting Aug 28th to Sep 10thHaiti needs your school and art supplies!!
Please! School has started and most of these kids have lost everything.Notebooks, binders, paper, pens, pencils, crayons, paint brushes, backpacks, clothes (socks, pants, shirts, etc), and SHOES!I’m sure you have have some of these in your house! Drop them off at Stardust. We’ll be shipping off everything in a crate to Haiti next month. Anything will make a difference. Our staff will be waiting to assist you.BUT WAIT!!!! THERE’S MORE!! Leave your name and email address and you have the chance of winning… an original handmade STARDUST PINATA!!! Oh yeah!!! I’m making a pinata for the big winner full of all kinds of Stardust junks and goodies! Drawing will be Sept 10th at 10pm.Call us at 407-623-3393 for any question.Sponsored by the Florida Farmworkers Association in Apopka.
If you wish to contact the association or donate money for the drive, please contact Pascale Vincent at…

Thomas Thorspecken Sketches The Audience

Friends of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra Announce Slew of Fundraising Events

Orlando Philharmonic Petting Zoo at Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursdays 10/09
The Friends of the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, volunteer corps of the Orlando Philharmonic, announce a series of special fundraising events to be held throughout the season. These events, which have become a popular tradition for Philharmonic friends and patrons, feature a variety of programs to complement the many wonderful musical offerings by the Philharmonic. From a grand opening dinner to an evening of jeans and jewels, the Friends’ special events offer patrons many opportunities to join in the music and fun. Each of the events is highlighted with music performed by the musicians of the Philharmonic, and many feature informative discussions about the music and composers featured in the orchestra’s upcoming concert performances. All proceeds benefit the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Friends Fabulous Fundraising events for the 2010-2011 Season are as follows:
Note: Reservations are required. …

B-Side Artists Milk District Art Show

The B-Side Artists are having a multi-location art opening August 29, 2010, 7pm at The Social Chameleon (2406 e. robinson st) and The Milk Bar (2424 e.robinson st) in The Milk District.

About B-Side Artists: B-Side Artists is comprised of 7 original members, but the group does not have a limited number of participants. The B-Side refers to the B-Side of the tape cassette or the flip side of a record. In the 80's it seemed to be common knowledge that whenever you bought an album or were introduced to something new in the mainstream, it's twin opposite shined a little harder...thus, allowing the underground to emerge. B-Side Artists is the urban youth underdog that continues to surprise pop-culture with it's style, bold content, & willingness to create in artistically a-typical conditions.

Available: Brian Feldman Poses For Sketch Artist

By Thomas Thorspecken
Contributing Writer

For the entire month of August, performance artist Brian Feldman has decided to make himself "Available" to do anything you need help with. Do you need your washed? Laundry folded? Lawn mowed? Dog walked? Dinner prepared? Someone to go shopping with? Someone to see a movie with? Kids watched? Help crossing the road? Services of the self-proclaimed greatest designated driver of all time? Just fill out the form and he is available for you. It is like hiring a friend to help out for FREE!

One request caught my eye from the start. Karen Cali (KC) a figurative artist, wanted Brian to post nude for her. As KC wrote, "I do charcoal work from the figure and there's a shortage of male models in general and my money to pay models in particular." There was a mad flurry of e-mails as this private sketch session was arranged. Several sketch locations were considered and then discarded, including, the Mobile Art Show and Blank Space. Si…

The Story of Harness Racing by Currier & Ives at the Orange County Regional History

The exhibit "The Story of Harness Racing by Currier & Ives" is running at the Orange County Regional History Center (65 E. Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL 32801) August 27 through October 17, 2010. Above is a video filmed during media preview day August 24, 2010.

The exhibit will feature rare original Currier & Ives lithographs, gear, and posters that tell the history of the mid-19th century American pastime that became a national sport. The Currier & Ives lithographs depict great trotting horses, bucolic mid-19th century scenes, and comedic adventures – and convey a picturesque view of Americana prior to the development of photography. Visitors can examine racing equipment, equine care tools, driver colors (uniforms), and other memorabilia in the hands-on tack trunk. Of interest to locals is a display featuring items from Orlando’s Ben White Raceway which reflects the rich history of the horseracing industry in Central Florida.

The Story of Harness Racing by Curr…

Bentos vs Pei Wei | They Sold Noodles in Brown Sauce to Me

The Plaza Building
151 South Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL

By Mark Baratelli Not a Restaurant Reviewer
First off, this is not a restaurant review. I don't know jack about food and am as passionate about food as I am about horse droppings on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. I go, I eat. Done.

I went to Bentos and Pei Wei by chance in the same week. I know Bentos is known for sushi, which I abhor. If I want a mouthful of rice, I'll gag down a 90-second Uncle Bens bag at home. I like noodles dripping in brown sauce with some sort of corn-fed, factory-raised meat. Both spots have this dish and I dunno what its called.

Pei Wei gave a bigger portion (a to-go- box was required). Bentos gave better presentation (bento box tray). Both tasted the same. Bentos came with cake, which I ate with one chopstick to the giggle delight of the two women I was with. Anything to make the food interesting. During my meal at Pei Wei, I ate while working on my laptop using their free wifi streaming t…

Medusa Lays Hot Sloppy Lady Kiss At Monster Kissing Booth

At the August 2010 Mobile Art Show, a "monster kissing booth" was placed in front of the show featuring friends of the featured artist. (Read: we had nothing to do with this stroke of genius.) Three fun-loving, frolicking, DRUNK monsters asked passersby for money in exchange for kisses throughout the night. This is art, people. We were lucky enough to capture one very special kiss and are now using it to hawk our improv festival. Got funny footage of your own that'd make a great OIF ad? Make one yourself!

1st Friday Art Stroll of Ivanhoe Village

The next 1st Friday Art Stroll of Ivanhoe Village is September 3, 2010, 6-9pm at Ivanhoe Village on Orange Ave between Lake Ivanhoe Blvd. and New Hampshire. Free and open to the public. The event will exhibit some of Central Florida’s emerging and accomplished artists displaying and creating original works of fine art along the sidewalks, and live music by local talent.

Luis Suarez is the highlighted artist for August. With art training at Seminole Community College, Suarez’ work melds the abstract with traditional tribal symbolism to express subconscious dreams and waking visions. Each month one deserving artist will be awarded the Austin Arts Hub Scholarship to pay for their booth space generously provided by Visual Artist Ken Austin.

Truth or Dare With Pepe Features Producers of Orlado Fringe Festival and Orlando Improv Festival

On Thursday, Sept. 9th, 10pm-11:30pm, "Truth or Dare With Pepe and Blue" puts on their "Back to School" interview show at PEACOCK ROOM (1321 N. Millls Ave, Orlando, FL). This month, Pepe's guests include Orlando Fringe Festival Producer Beth Marshall and Orlando Improv Festival Producer (and our Editor) Mark Baratelli. This show can be hilarious and at times, hideously embarrassing for those onstage, as it is both interview show and a serious game of "Truth or Dare." Come for the hilarity, stay for the free jello shots courtesy of

Its Still Summer Swap & Shop | Other Peoples property

It's still SUMMER Swap & Shop is coming September 10, 2010, 7:00pm - 10:30pm at 3222 N. Orange Ave Orlando FL 32803. Parking: New Traditions Bank 600 Wilkinson Street Orlando (walk across the street to Orange).  See description below:

"We already have mountains of things: clothes, shoes, jewelry. All waiting for YOU for FREE. Plus OPP has a BRAND NEW Gentleman's Section. We have a lots of NEW in our HUGE HAITI section with 100% of the profits going to earthquake relief. And to make way for all the Recent NEW inventory we have just marked a bunch of clothes, shoes and jewelry to $5 & $10. Get ready.

According to the U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste, Americans throw away more than 68 pounds of clothing and textiles per person per year. We are trying to help reduce that number by having you keep your clothes in circulation and out of landfills.

This is how it ALL goes down. Start cleaning out those closets. GUYS & Girls.

First Part is a clothing swap! Bring all you…

Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls Season Opener: Home Beat Home!

Orlando Psycho City Derby Girls Present: Home Beat Home, a triple header game, September 12, 2010, 4:30pm - 7:00pm at Universal Entertainment & Skating Center (866 S. Goldenrod Rd., Orlando, FL)

Come see Florida's ONLY Old School Derby Association league. Three teams of Psycho City Derby girls will compete for glory as they bloody up the track. Make way for the Bellevue Bombshells, the Sunnyland Slammers and the Serial Thrillers as they block, jam and score their way into your hearts, as well as your laps!

Suicide seating is available rinkside for those 18+ who think they can handle the pain. The family that slays together stays together, so bring the kids and get into it! Come experience roller derby at its finest... if you dare.

All ages are welcome! Ticket Info: Kids (3-under) FREE, Kids (4-7) $5 Pre-sale & Door, Adults (8-up) $10 Pre-sale and $13.00 at the Door. Purchase your pre-sale tickets. BONUS: Adult Tickets will be good for admission and drink specials at our…

Backbooth | Local Music Show

Local musicians Yogurt Smoothness, Undercover Bandits, Marc With a C and Emergency Pizza Party play Back Booth (37 W Pine St, Orlando, FL) September 12, 2010 at 9pm. Doors at 9PM. Ages +18. Tickets $5.00 in advance / $ 7.00 at the door. Anyone who gets a pre sale ticket gets a free PBR!

1st Thursdays Call For Artists | Orlando Museum of Art

The Orlando Museum of Art's 1st Thursdays event for October is "From Words to Works." Artists are asked to depict any scene or character(s) from literataure, whether it be a play, poem, novel, song lyric, children's book or their car's owner manual [just kidding...maybe!]. All art media are encouraged

This event will take place on Thursday, October 7, 2010, from 6 to 9pm. The deadline for entry is Sunday, September 5, 2010, at 4pm. Curating will take place on Tuesday, September 7, 2010.

Download a Call For Artists form

Forms are also available at the OMA's Visitor Information Desk or by calling 407 896 4231 x260. The OMA is closed on Mondays and mail cannot be received. Keep this in mind if planning to mail your entry. Or, you may drop off your submission at the OMA Visitor Information Desk by the entry deadline. We look forward to your submission.

Hilarious or hideous | Bathroom People Vases

These vases from CB2 take the bathroom people off the doors of TGI Fridays bathrooms and place them onto your tabletop, bookcase or baby changing station. Shove a flower down their decapitated trunks and whiff the wafts coming from their sexual identifying direction. Hilarious or hideous?

Austins Coffee | Live Music and Open Mic Poetry, Music, Hip Hop

Austins Coffee (929 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park, FL 32789), the only locally-owned 24-hour coffee shop with wifi, has some fun stuff coming up in the next few days:

Wednesday, August 25 @ 8:30 p.m.
Open Mic Poetry and Spoken Word

Thursday, August 26 @ 8:30 p.m.
Paleo Acoustic w/ Lauris Vidal, Austin Miller, & The Colour Organs - $5 Cover

Friday, August 27 @ 9:00 p.m.
Amy Steinberg

Saturday, August 28 @ 9:00 p.m.
Our Finest Hour w/ Fuel for the Fire

Sunday, August 29 @ 8:30 p.m.
Open Mic Comedy
Come and enjoy live stand-up comedy from some of Orlando's funniest local comedians. Or, if you're feeling funny get up there and make some jokes yourself. Hosted by Craig Norbert.

Monday, August 30 @ 9:00 p.m.
Open Mic Hip Hop and Showcase
Cypher Style Hip Hop, so be ready to battle it out on the mic! Hosted by Monday Night Raw with guest appearances by DJ Strange and DJ Dizzle.

Tuesday, August 31 @ 8:00 p.m.
Open Mic Music
Open-mic music. Come in around 7:30 to sign up to…

Mother Falcon | Zombies

Mother Falcon (817 E. Washington Street, Orlando, FL) opens their halloween show October 23, 2010 at 8pm with original Zombie art by Phil Noto, Eric Althin, HORSEBITES, Gianelle Gelpi, Patrick Fatica, Brice Stephens, Scott Donald, Cake, Karen Russell (our featured artist in the August 2010 Mobile Art Show!) and more. The art will be available for sale and printing on t-shirts. Mysterious "Make-Up Effects" will be done by Jamie Morton and somehow A Comic Shop is involved. Neat!

Winter Park Chamber of Commerce Light Rail Rally

Join the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce for a Light Rail Rally  today, Monday, August 23, 9 - 10 a.m. Meet at the Winter Park Welcome Center (151 W Lyman Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789 MAP). Join Commissioner Bill Segal, Mayor Ken Bradley, Rollins College President Lewis Duncan and other community leaders to show your support for the Winter Park SunRail stop prior to Monday's City Commission meeting. Refreshments will be served, compliments of Panera Bread. "Your participation in Monday morning's rally is paramount as we demonstrate the ongoing support for SunRail in Winter Park. Because many of you will be in your offices during the City Commission meeting in the afternoon, we hope that you will lend your voice to the rally in support of this important economic development project."

Video: Tutti Frutti Froyo Millenia Mall Spin Tube FAIL

By Mark Baratelli

On my first visit to the Millenia Mall location of the froyo (yawn) shop Tuttu Frutti, I asked my friend to spin the cool spinny dispenser so I could film it going around. I thought the design was neat. As you can see in the video, one of the tubes fell completely off and came crashing down onto the floor.

Its freaking hysterical.

I don't know whats funnier: the tumbling tube of stale marshmallows or my friend walking away, back to the entire scene, taking zero credit for it. I love both. So I made a commercial for the Orlando Improv Festival out of the footage.

But on a serious note, what if a child had been right there? Or a service dog? Or someone in a wheel chair? That thing cracked and broke, and a few pieces went flying and ended up on the floor. Mess. And he was not even spinning it that hard. Be careful next time you go in and use the spinny thing is all I am saying.

Orlando Improv Festival Audience Appreciation Party

By Mark Baratelli
On August 21, 2010, an audience appreciation party was thrown at Neon Forest Art Gallery by the Orlando Improv Festival. The All Access Pass Holders received their official pass, a swag bag full of great coupons and deals from local businesses (see below for full list), a free glass of wine and a free fruity jello shot. Everyone at the party was treated to a small buffet of free humorous knosh like fried mac & cheese pops and bacon-wrapped matzah balls.  Arts guru Terry Olson Artist Angie Perretti  Dustin Orlando, one of the curators of Neon Forest and our DJ for the night model their All Access Passes.  The Swag Bags | Each All Access Pass Holder at the party received a Buy One Get One Free Ticket for "The 39 Steps" from Orlando Shakespeare Theatre (Up to $38 Value), Two Complimentary Beverages from Mad Cow Theatre ($10 Value), Six Admissions at 50% off for Dinner and Show from Treasure Tavern (Up to $192.00 Value), a Buy One Ticket Get One Free Special fro…