Call to Artists: Viral Video for Orlando Improv Festival

The Orlando Improv Festival is putting out a call for videos. "We're looking for hundreds of short (15 to 30 seconds) funny videos created and owned by you to be used as online "viral" ads to help us build awareness of the festival. Make them funny, crazy, weird, obnoxious, insane, fun, whatever. They just need to create get peoples' attention and make people pass them around online."

We'll show them in several places online:
1. on
2. on
3. on the festival Facebook fan page feed
4. on the festival twitter feed
They don't have to even *be* ads. They just need to be funny.
They don't have to mention the festival
We won't use videos with profanity, nudity or the like. Keep them PG-13-ish
You *must* have the required graphic appear for 3 seconds at the end of the video.
Use local celebs
Feature famous local points of interest
Feature your company or brand
Due Date:
NOW! We need them now to use in July and August.
How to Enter
1. Download the required graphic
2. Film your video
3. Make sure the required graphic appears at the end of your video for at three seconds
4. Upload your video to your own account (youtube, vimeo, etc)
5. Tag the video "Orlando Improv Festival"
5. Get us the embed code one of several ways: 1. leave it as a comment on this post, 2. send it to mark at the daily city dot com, 3. put a link to it on twitter with @thedailycity and @orlandoimpov on the tweet, 4. put a link to it on Facebook as an update and tag us in the update