Transgendered Mistreatment in Hospitals Subject of Public Display at Orlando Farmers Market at lake Eola

Great wigCome Out Orlando will be at Lake Eola Sunday, June 27th at 12 PM near the Farmer’s Market on the southeast side of the park spreading the word about the problem of the mistreatment of the transgendered at Florida hospitals and asking Central Floridians to demand all three major hospital systems in Central Florida add transgender protections to their patient’s bill of rights so they can be on par with truly world class hospital systems like:
Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center – Los Angeles, CA
Brigham and Women’s Hospital – Boston, MA
Jackson Memorial Hospital – Miami, FL
Rush University Medical Center – Chicago, IL
Group Health Central Hospital – Seattle, WA
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center – Houston, TX
“The transitioning process can make for some awkward situations if, say, a transgender man complete with baritone voice and facial hair must check female on his intake form and hope that the correct pronouns are observed. Or when he has to explain to his doctors why he is wearing a chest binder, and hope they can be sensitive to his need to keep it on. Seeing transgender protections in a patient’s bill of rights can be a big deal to a transgender person. It lets them know that this institution is thinking about the unique needs of this severely marginalized group,” said Jen Moliner, member of Come Out Orlando.

Across the board in the major hospitals in Central Florida, our transgender community is not represented. Florida Hospital’s Patient Bill of Rights states: “A patient has the right to impartial access to medical treatment or accommodations, regardless of race, national origin, religion, handicap, or source of payment.” Gender identity (and also sexual orientation) is conspicuously missing. Health Central and Orlando Health follow suit.

Come Out Orlando is a group of local queer and supportive people that are dedicated to achieving equal rights and protections for Central Florida’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. Established in June 2010, Come Out Orlando’s mission is to create an environment that promotes uncompromising equality for LGBT people in all matters governed by law and society using non-violent direct action to educate and facilitate positive change.