Taco Truck Taste Test is Back! | Sample Orlando Mobile Food Trucks and Vendors

Filmed & edited by Dan Ginader, featuring Editor Mark Baratelli

6-21-09-ttttLast summer we introduced a live event to Orlando highlighting mobile food/ food truck vendors called Taco Truck Taste Test. We'd announce the date/time/location in advance and meet for an hour-long sampling of the food, neighborhood and the "trucking" experience. The nice thing for those who've never "trucked" is that you're there with a group of people who've also never trucked before. It was also a nice event to bring friends to, and an excuse to explore your city and try something new. After an almost year-long hiatus, we are pleased to announce that we're bringing it back for 2010!

Taco Truck Taste Test #5 | Facebook | Yelp

Friday July 23, 2010, 9pm-10pm

Meet at the parking lot of Tacos Del Rio (9785 South Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32837). There are several taco trucks in that area within walking distance serving a variety of spanish treats. Note: Vegan options are extremely limited.

Your humble Editor, Mark Baratelli, and one of our readers (who actually got the ball rolling to bring back TTTT) Jorge Mendoza, will be on hand as hosts to guide you through the taco truck experience. Jorge is fluent in Spanish and very familiar with the taco trucks (yes, there are more than one!) at this location.

You must bring:
1. cash
2. a healthy appetite
3. an adventurous spirit
4. a camera to document your adventure*
5. your friends**

*not really required, but we'd love to see & share your photos
**not really required, but the more the merrier

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