Saturday, May 29, 2010

VIDEO | Collaboration in Orlando

Video Credit: Mark Baratelli

By Mark Baratelli
Posted May 29, 2010

On May 28, 2010, I met up with two of the three Orlando artists collaborating on an outdoor night time "glowing" experience called Lumineux. We met at Stardust Coffee and Film to briefly chat about this project described as "a living, breathing, art installation and performance with magical movements, mushrooms & illuminations." The artists I met with were mushroom-happy Doug Rhodehamel and Voci Dance's Genevieve Bernard. Nigel John, the third collaborator who works as a DJ, was not present.

This event takes place Saturday, May 29th at 9pm and Sunday, May 30th at 9pm on the lawn of Loch Haven Park during the Orlando Fringe Festival. Tickets are a five dollar donation.


frankie messina said...

thanks Mark... you are doing the city a great service. Your work on this blog " is glowing"...

PerfectHannah said...

This show was nothing I expected. When I think of fairies I think of mischievous, whirling butterfly people. Instead, these were fairies of a dying breed dancing a courtly swan song to Nigel's apocalyptic, mysterious noises. I felt like I was watching a really pretty environmental statement. Very very cool.