Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outsider Art Fair 2010

by Mark Baratelli

Winter Park small business Frames Forever & Art Gallery (941 Orange Ave Winter Park, FL 32789) held the 2nd Annual Outsider Art Fair on Saturday March 20, 2010, timed to coincide with the 51st Annual Winter Part Sidewalk Arts Festival down the road.

The first site visitors saw at this frame shop-turned-event-space was performance artist Brian Feldman doing a sequel to sleepwalk, a piece he premiered at the 2009 Outsider Art Fair. In the first version, Feldman let people walk over him as he slept inside a case for 50 hours. This time around, he let people walk below him while he sleepwalked above them, hence the title sleepwalk: i walk over you. The ten foot high scaffolding and man-with-blanket was a draw to the drivers zooming by.

Inside, various artisans sold paintings, wooden pipes, clothes, feathered hair pieces, sketches and food. Thomas Thorspecken sat in front of his enormous painting from Mobile Art Show #7 and let people thumb through a pile of unsold sketches from that show that sat on the ground in the sun. He was there primarily to sketch Doug Rhodehamel, the artist responsible for The Spore Project taking place this May. Doug was on hand to give away paper bag mushrooms and let people decorate them with paint.

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Godrick by Jack Fields


Thomas Thorspecken with his prints and poster from Mobile Art Show #7.

Doug Rhodehamel and The Spore Project

An artist asks Brian Feldman's mother and me to look at her mobile from the bottom. She's painted eyeballs inside the sunflowers.


Cat said...

damn, wish I would've known about this 'before and not after' the event! Next time!!

Mark Baratelli said...

Sorry you missed it. We posted it here on March 4, 2010.