Panel Series | Panel #2: Cycling and Pedestrians in Orlando Panel Series
Panel # 2: March 1, 2010
Topic: Cycling and Pedestrians in Orlando
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: CoLab Orlando, 37 North Orange Avenue, Suite 600, Orlando, Florida 32801
Cost: $5 (Cash Only). Proceeds go to the 2010 Orlando Improv Festival (Sept 20-21, 2010)
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The Panel Guests Include:

Mighk Wilson | Smart Growth Planner,
Mighk Wilson says he's been bike commuting for nearly 40 years, starting with his first paper route at age 10. In 1987 he toured the U.S., from Orlando to Portland, Maine, to the Oregon coast, and down to Oakland, California. If it can be done on a bike he's probably done it (except for working as a bike messenger). In addition to touring and commuting he's raced (a bit), mountain-biked (not enough), been an advocate, built mountain bike trails, played bike polo, and met the woman who became his wife and tandem co-pilot (Carol, former Executive Director of Florida Bicycle Association). He is a League Cycling Instructor, a regional trainer for the Florida Traffic & Bicycle Safety Education Program, has been a bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for Metroplan Orlando since 1993 and has recently taken on additional duties in smart growth planning and analysis. He has his bachelor’s in Environmental Studies and Growth Management from Rollins College. He has served on the board of Florida Bicycle Association since 1999.

Keri Caffrey |
Keri Caffrey is the developer of and a member of the Advisory board of the Florida Bicycle Association. She believes a truly cyclist friendly community can be created with holistic solutions that address equality, education, civility and infrastructure. Keri's mission in the cycling world is to empower individual cyclists to ride with confidence and realize unhindered access to the transportation grid. She believes we can transform our traffic culture, through education and social marketing, into one which recognizes that roads are for people, not cars.

Angie Ross |
Angie and her family are undertaking a mission to live "car-light" in the urban sprawl of Orlando--aiming to use just 25% of the national average for car miles driven. Angie insists she is just an everyday person that happens to be addicted to hauling cargo
(children, Christmas trees, other bikes) on her bike. Her focus is normalizing bike riding and reclaiming access to neighborhood streets. You can often find Angie enforcing the speed limit on residential roads using her big, slow bike. Read more about their adventures at

About Panel Series
On the First Monday of every month (except February) IN 2010, will bring interesting people to speak and debate on a variety of topics in a panel format and hosted by Editor Mark Baratelli. Admission is five bucks, the proceeds of which go to the 2010 Orlando Improv Festival.