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Food Truck Bazaar Submission of Interest for Truck Owners


Performance Artist Brian Feldman Donating One Day's Salary Once A Week in 2011 to Florida-Based Artists

Brian Feldman Performing at Orlando Museum of Art in 2010

He's like a one-man United Arts of Central Florida! Performance Artist Brian Feldman, recipient of the State of Florida’s 2011 Interdisciplinary Fellowship has a new project called The Minimum Effort in which he will (a) work a minimum wage job ($7.25/hr) in 2011 and (b) offer weekly $58 grants before taxes (one day’s salary) to Florida-based artists. A total of 52 grants will be awarded, with the artists and their projects announced every Friday in 2011. Applications open Saturday, January 1, 2011. Follow the adventure (and the winners) on Twitter: @Minimum_Effort.

Sponsored in part by the State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs and the Florida Council on Arts and Culture.

The Early Show | Orlando Long Form Comedy Improv

Episode 6
The Early Show performing at the Orlando Improv Festival September 21, 2010

Every Saturday night at 11:30pm (starting back up again 2011) in downtown Orlando, the best long form improv in Orlando is being performed by The Early Show. Directed by John Telfer (Disney's Comedy Warehouse), the cast includes some of the city's best comedy improvisors including Mike Carr (Walt Disney World), Stephen Kadwell (Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando), Greg Yates (Offsides Improv), Chris Dinger ( Orlando Improv Festival) and more.

The first half of the one-hour show contains 3-4 games that challenge the performers to think fast, perform short quick scenes and do some fun musical stuff. In the second half, the cast builds longer scenes and explores more intricate narrative structures allowing them to delve deeper into the worlds of character and story. You can catch the show every Saturday night at 11:30pm for $12 at SAK Comedy Lab (29 S. Orange Ave. Orlando FL 32801).

Top Ten Arts & Cultural Events: Bee's Knees Sweet Treats Cupcakes at Tess Bonacci's HOARD art show

The Orlando Weekly named its top ten arts and cultural events of 2010 in its December 30th edition. We are proud to say that the Bee's Knees Sweet Treats cat-crap-capped miniature cupcakes we had custom made for our December 16th presentation of Tess Bonacci's HOARD at the Mobile Art Show #17 in downtown Orlando were named in the top ten list as "Best Free Food-Safe Feces"! Score! Read what they wrote below:

Best Free Food-Safe Feces | Orlando Weekly
"Folks might say they attend art events like downtown’s monthly Third Thursday gallery openings for the creativity, but let’s face facts: 50 percent of the time they (OK, we) are there for the free food and wine. At’s December Mobile Art Show dedicated to Tess Bonacci’s installation HOARD, the complimentary comestibles offered weren’t just tasty, they were terrifyingly on-theme. What else do you serve at an exhibit inspired by crazy cat ladies (featuring a Friskies chandelier and stuffed…

Toast Off 2010 at Will's Pub

The annual 2010 Toast-Off presented by Tod Caviness at Will's Pub pit poet against puppeteer against puppeteer's boyfriend this year and I can assure you none of them won, but the audience sure had a good time degrading them. I as an innocent bystander clapped and waved a flag of support for all of the brave entrants.


Eight brave contestants swigged a few cheap dranks, then booz-fidently strode to the stage when their name was called. They were given a topic and had 30 seconds to come up with a pithy "toast" to or about that topic. At first, the obscene ones were the crowd favorites, but that genre quickly waned in popularity once glimmerings of true humor were brought on stage. But in the end, scat, Girl Scouts and Orlando were the topics du jour that got the audience on their feet and voting for their favorite "toasters." But really, their opinions mattered not since the whole competition was being judged by a panel of three "celebrity" (h…

City of Orlando Public Art Program | Public Art Advisory Board

UPDATE: Orlando Weekly picked up the story 1-20-11

Orlando has a Public Art Program and a Public Art Advisory Board! Shortly after the City of Orlando Public Art Program was established, the Public Art Advisory Board was created to ensure community representation in the direction of the program. The Public Art Advisory Board consists of diverse citizens within the community who have the desire to respond to the growing demand for art in Orlando. The responsibilities of the Public Art Board include assisting the Public Art Coordinator in the decision-making process of artist and project selection, which involve sites on or extending onto any city property. In addition to the board's legislative responsibilities, they may also make recommendations on artwork purchases for the Public Art Permanent Collection. The Public Art Board is also responsible for constructing and assisting in the application of long-term projects and goals of the Public Art Program.

Public Art Advisory Board…

Gay Orlando Chamber of Commerce | Metropolitan Business Association

Did you know there's a gay chamber of commerce in Orlando? Its called the Metropolitan Business Association. (Website | Facebook) Their next mixer is January 5, 2011, 6:30pm-8:30pm at Fields BMW (963 Wymore Road, Winter Park | NEx tto WESH TV). They're calling it "The Grand Unveiling," showing off the relaunch of their identity: new logo, website and "vision." Light hors d'oeuvres and cash bar, board member elections and more. Free for MBA Members. $10 for guests.

About Metropolitan Business Association
Over 200 members strong, the Metropolitan Business Association is Central Florida’s GLBT chamber of commerce. With many opportunities to get involved with the local gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community, we’re proud to be an integral part of the Orlando area community.
The MBA seeks to:

Establish and nurture a network of businesses and professional resources for gay men, lesbians, bisexual men and women, transgendered persons and allied comm…

Cornell Fine Arts Museum | The Cornell Contemporaries

The Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College (1000 Holt Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789) is forming a young professionals (21-40) affiliate group called "The Cornell Contemporaries" with several events already planned for 2011 including artist studio visits, appraisal sessions and a major fundraiser aimed at benefitting CFAM artwork acquisitions. $30 membership available at the Cornell Fine Arts Museum.

The George D. and Harriet W. Cornell Fine Arts Museum is a bountiful resource for the academic community of Rollins College and the wider interest of art lovers worldwide. It presents original and traveling seasonal exhibitions that appeal to all tastes, in its new home on the shores of Lake Virginia. Many exhibits feature items from its permanent collection of paintings, prints, drawings and sculpture. The Cornell houses a Museum Shop and presents lectures, films and special programming year-round.

Gallery hours: Tues. – Sat. 10:00 am to 4:00 pm., Sun. 12:00 to 5:00 pm.…

Grandma Party 2010 December | Local Craft Audubon Park Goodness

The December 2010 Grandma Party was December 18, 2010. (View photos from Dec 2009 and May 2008) It happens once or twice a year in the parking lot of Stardust Coffee in the Audubon Park District. The requirement for vendors (and the benefit for shoppers!) is that everything sold must be homemade. Also this year, there were several food vendors, hot cocoa (vegan and non), a photo booth, bike repair and more.  Photo Credit: Mark Baratelli

Last Comic Standing finalists at Hard Rock

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer
Staff page

This year's Last Comic Standing finalists will be performing at the Hard Rock Live on Wednesday (Dec. 29) at 8pm.

My 'This Week In Gigs' column has been missing the past couple of weeks due to the holidays, and in lieu of much happening this week, here's just the one preview. This summer was the first time I'd seen 'Last Comic Standing', because I heard that they'd got rid of some of the gimmicks that had made me not want to see it in the past. So this year they weren't all living in the same house, or having to compete in insane challenges the way many other competition shows require, but all the emphasis was on the actual comedy. Of the hundreds that tried out this year, only five made it to the final episode, and those five guys are coming to town on Wednesday.

The guy that ended up winning, Felipe Esparza, didn't really do a whole lot for me. Nor did Mike DeStefano. But I really enjoyed the other thr…

Bring to Orlando: Homeless Newspapers

I am unaware if we have this yet or not, but we should: homeless newspapers. Someone makes them, the homeless sell them, both benefit. Listen to the story NPR put together. Below are some sample editions of newspapers from around the country:

Los Angeles | Community Connection
Los Vegas | Forgotten Voice
Denver | Denver Voice

I  chose Homeless Meters to feature as our "Bring to Orlando" in August, and by September, it was announced that downtown Orlando would be getting them! Maybe this homeless newspaper story will do the same? Lets hope. I think its a good idea. -Mark

Brian Feldman Reads Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on Tom Sawyers Island at Walt Disney World

We know this is eleven months away, but it warrants mention. So mark your calendars and start saving for the $75 park admission price. Performance artist Brian Feldman will read Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn on Tom Sawyer's Island at Walt Disney World® on Tuesday, November 30, 2011 starting at 9:30am.

(Some of) Our Past Brian Feldman Coverage:
Feldman's Infamous 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest
Trying to Cry
Brian Feldman Reads This Newspaper In Its Entirety
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The End of Television: Part II
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Lightsaber Battle (for Chris)
Brian Feldman Eats Everything Off the Menu at Loving Hut
What's Next?
Pedestrian, or Walking: Impossible
Take My Beard, Please!
sleepwalk 2: i walk over you

Raw Foods Dinner

Its fun having people over to your house for dinner, but local raw foods junkie and personal development speaker Tisse Mallon is inviting the entire city! On Saturday, January 29, 2011, 4pm - 8pm, those who pay the $39 registration fee will dine at 2020 Anderson Place, Orlando, FL 32803.

What To Expect
- a viewing of the documentary Food Matters

- a three course raw dinner (with hands-on demo)

- a discussion involving (1) raw foods, (2) her 30 day raw foods trial and (3) how to easily integrate raw foods into your current diet
The Menu
1. Fresh Juice Combo including some of the following: carrot, beet, celery, ginger, apple, kale, garlic, tomato, parsley, mint, cilantro.
2. Cucumber & Mint Water

Curried Carrot Coconut Soup

Vegetable Lasagna: layer upon layer of spinach, red pepper & cashew ricotta, marinated zucchini & yellow squash, cucumber, tomato, avocado & alfalfa sprouts

1. Strawberry Heaven: fresh strawberries filled with cocoa ganache…

Orlando Psycho City Roller Derby Boot Camp

Orlando Psycho City Roller Derby is putting on another boot camp for those who love to skate but need a challenge, are interested in seeing if roller derby is the sport for you, need to get in shape or are just looking for a fun, athletic, stress releasing outlet. It runs Thursdays 8:30pm-10:30pm at Universal Skating Center (866 S. Goldenrod Road, Orlando, FL) Jan 13 - Feb 10. Men & Women, 18 and up, no prior experience is necessary. Cost: $30. Pre-registration is required in advance.. Contact:

We will teach you the basics of derby and skating (stopping, starting, crossovers, blocking, endurance, pack work, footwork, agility, etc.) as well as the basics of how to play OSDA roller derby. We expect that you give your all at the boot camp and then practice on your own time too.

Required Equipment:
We require the following equipment for the boot camp. If you have any questions about gear, PLEASE email us:
-Mouth guard (Brand recommendation: Sho…

Bad Movies Are Appreciated at Two Fun January Events

The films of yore that suck are being celebrated in Orlando at two fun January events we think you should try out.

The Bad Film Appreciation Society
Friday, January 7, 2011
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Urban Rethink, 625 East Central Boulevard, Orlando, FL

The Bad Film Appreciation Society meets again at Urban ReThink at 8pm. At this meeting we will explore the strange world of an Ed Wood protege. Watch our video interview with this event's creator, Michael Poley.

Movies Out Loud: From Justin to Kelly
Thursday, January 13, 2011
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Plaza Cinema Cafe
$10 at the door

Join Miss Sammy & Jeff Jones as they roast America's Original American Idols in the hilariously unbearable movie "From Justin to Kelly." The movie will play as normal, but these two comedians will sit in the theatre holding mics and comment their way through the movie a la Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

Mad Cow Theatre | Acting Class

Keep your instrument in tune and your instincts sharp with Mad Cow Theatre's class "The Actor's Process." This weekly class a laboratory/gym allowing you to exercise your craft and develop your own process. Designed to be an ongoing course, The Actor's Process provides a place to grow in a stimulating environment. Classes meet weekly on Monday evenings from 7pm - 10pm, for 8 weeks. $275. Call to register: 407-297-8788 x1. Students need permission from the instructor in order to enroll in this class, which is designed to be repeated. Mondays: Jan 10 - Feb 28, 2011. Registration before the first class is required. A $50 nonrefundable payment holds your place in class. Tuition must be paid in full before the start of the first class.

Patrick Fatica Online Shop

We love local artist Patrick Fatica. Check out his online shop for post-holiday gifts.

"Every Dog Bred is a Shelter Dog Dead" Says Organizer at Holiday Protest

By Mark Baratelli
Staff Page

The Animal Rights Foundation of Florida held a street-side protest in front of Just Puppies at the corner of Orange Blossom Trail and 42nd Street Saturday December 19, 2010. Their mission was to encourage people to adopt animals and to not shop at pet stores for the holidays. According to the event's organizer Carla W., "Millions of pets die in shelters every year and we feel that every dog bred is a shelter dog dead." She went on to say that if folks want purebreads, the shelters have them as well and recommended the site

Their next event: One of their next protests is at the Amway Center (400 W. Church Street, Orlando) on opening night of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Thursday, January 13, 2011, 6pm. According to their site, "Animals in circuses live miserable lives of deprivation, confinement and abuse. Ringling’s animal-care history is riddled with USDA violations and penalties. Twenty-six Ringl…

Pepe Makes Christmas Gay As Hell Thank God

The Orlando Shakespeare Theatre took the usually bar-trapped but theatre-deserving comedic performer "Pepe" and placed him on one of their many, many stages last week for a comedic holiday show in the vein of those old 1960s/70s variety shows none of us are old enough to remember. The show (the title isn't important and I don't remember it) was very funny and featured many groups and performers (many not pictured here due to me forgetting to whip my camera out to capture them all. Sorry!) doing what they do. Jeff Jones did his stand up, Wayburn Sassy and his leggy wife cooked and improvised the crazy hilarious way they do, three SAK performers presented a sketch that will be seen in the 2010 Orlando Fringe, and one Orlando Shakes employee did a sassy Christmas song in nothing but a thong, housecoat and courage. Kudos to all for a fun, edgy, offbeat and MUCH NEEDED creative holiday event.

Try This Five Buck Meal at Dandelion Communitea!

Dandelion Communitea is one of the bedrocks of Orlando's eat-local, vegan/vegetarian community. This community partner plays host to several wonderful spiritual, local-supporting events including the recent Sparkle Market and the legendary (to me anyway) July-4th-From-Hell
But I must admit: I rarely partake of their lovely food for two reasons: I'm broke and I'm not vegan or vegetarian. Of course, neither of these are real reasons to not go. You don't have to be rich to eat there, but the prices are a smidgelet out of my personal range. And of course, you don't have to be vegan/vegetarian to eat here, but, what they serve just doesn't hit the spot for me. We're talking about someone who STILL eats at Crap-Donalds here and a meal is not complete until it makes you fall asleep at the wheel and bulldoze into a bale of hay. And, I just moved a good 20 minute drive away so, yeah. 
But, I was there recently and want to recommend the following dish I ate because (…

Tess Bonacci HOARD Downtown Mobile Art Show Photos

The Daily City was extremely proud to present HOARD by Tess Bonacci for one night only at the 17th installment of Mobile Art Show December 16, 2010. (FacebookYelp)

HOARD was a twin-bed sized, hand sewn blanket made from stuffed toy cats. It was inspired by a New Smyrna news story from 2008 entitled, Woman, 84, Used Cats for Warmth in Filthy Home. The elderly woman reportedly let her 66 cats, “pile up on her” at night because she had no heat in her small mobile home.

The show was made to look as if you were stepping into a version of the woman's mobile home. It included HOARD, a chandelier made from empty cat food cans, a repeating soundtrack of cat meows, and an edible kitty litter box.

Each visitor took home a free show poster and a cupcake made by Bee's Knees Sweet Treats. The venue is a moving van parked at the corner of Orange and Pine close to to City Arts Factory in downtown Orlando.

Crowd outside HOARD at the corner of Orange and Pine downtown
Each visi…

New Years Eve 2010 | The Mezz

The Mezz is hosting a New years Eve party 9pm - 12am at its brand new downtown location at 100 S. Eola Drive, Orlando FL 32801. $125 per person. Includes open bar til midnight, live entertainment by Nitesol, heavy hors d'oeuvres and a champagne toast at midnight. Call 407-423-9999 to purchase tickets.

Orlando Downtown Art & Living Expo 2011

We are pleased to announce that is an Official Sponsor of this event next year!

The streets in Downtown Orlando along Lake Eola Park will come alive with 150 artisans showcasing their talents, color and music Saturday & Sunday, February 19 - 20, 2011 during the seventh annual Orlando Downtown Art & Living Expo.

11am - 6pm both days. Free admission. Free parking along many surround streets and paid parking in several garages. Thousands will attend.

Guests are invited to bring blankets and lawn chairs to enjoy the free festivities along Lake Eola Park. No tents, coolers, bottles or alcoholic beverages can be brought into the Expo site.

What to do Today: Sunday 12-19-10

Holiday SpeakEasy Toast Off 2010 at Will's Pub: Drunks Raise Glass To Random Topics And We Laugh At Them

The regular monthly "Speakeasy spoken word night" at Will's Pub gives way to yet another holiday edition of the mighty "Toast-Off." Last seen at the Orlando Fringe Festival, the event brings eight foolhardy drunks onstage for head-to-head bouts of competitive toasting. (No, not the toast you eat with eggs. The kind you do with a drink in your hand.) Host Tod Caviness pulls random subjects out of a hat. Contestants have 30 seconds to toast it, whether it be condoms, the French Revolution or Jersey Shore. The crowd heckles the weak. Celebrity judges reward the clever. Everyone drinks along.

The celeb judges panel:
1. Author and Orlando Weekly columnist Seth Kubersky
2. Enzian Theater's Jordana Meade
3. Owner MarkBaratelli

Event Essentials:
WHEN: 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 21
WHERE: Will's Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave., Orlando
COST: Free
CALL: 407-898-5070

Movie review: How Do You Know

By Samir Mathur
Contributing writer
Staff page

How Do You Know (Rated PG-13) opens this Friday in cinemas nationwide. Click here to see Orlando showtimes.

Ugh, this thing. Let’s start with the title. “How Do You Know” might be the most prosaic, least evocative, name for a movie I’ve ever heard. I’m not saying that every release has to be named “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” or “Snakes on a Plane”, but come on, you’ve got to give us something. I hear “How Do You Know” and all it tells me is that someone is going to have to make a decision of some kind. Fair enough, but doesn’t that describe every movie, and especially, every romantic comedy movie, that exists?

So I was already mad at this movie before it began, but I’m a patient sort, so I was happy to give it a chance. I like all of the lead actors, and writer/director James L. Brooks will forever be in my personal hall of fame thanks to his involvement with The Simpsons. And the last couple of times Brooks has worked with Jack Nicholson, …

Dandelion Communitea Cafe Monthly Art: December 2010

There's great art for sale currently hanging at Dandelion Communitea for the month of December 2010. Three rooms and three different artists. -Mark

Orlando Wetlands Park Festival 2011: Bird Watching, Guided Hikes, Guided Photo Tours and More

The 11th Annual Orlando Wetlands Park Festival is Saturday February 19, 2011, 9am-3pm at Fort Christmas Park (1300 North Fort Christmas Road, Christmas, FL 32709). Bring your cameras, off-road bikes or sturdy hiking shoes, and prepare for an adventure in the wilderness! (Leave your pets at home; there are wild animals.)  Free admission. For more info: 407-568-1706,, or visit them online.

What is Orlando Wetlands Park?
The Orlando Wetlands Park has a long history and now represents the world’s first large scale wetlands treatment system. This world renowned example of Wetlands Engineering is a 1,650 acre oasis for flora, fauna and feathered friends. This wetland treatment system is a series of impoundments, which were planted with many different species of aquatic plants. These impoundments are now treatment marshes that polish excess nutrients from the reclaimed wastewater before it is discharged to the St Johns River.

What's there to do at the …

Where We're Going We Don't Need Pictures


Published: December 16, 2010

THEM PARK DESIGN Behind the Scenes With An Engineer Written by Steve Alcorn 224 pages. CreateSpace. $19.

You'd expect at least one photo in a book about amusement park ride design and construction, but not in this one. The only one you'll find is on the cover. Even so, its a fascinating read for anyone into theme park rides and the whole amusement park scene.

Mr. Alcorn's work on the American Adventure attraction at Epcot (known as Epcot Center back in 1982) as an Disney Imagineer gives insight into the inner workings of an attraction from ideation through design and construction, and the chaos behind the creativity involved with bringing world class attractions to life. From concept drawings to nightly testings, Mr. Alcorn brings you right into the attraction-making process.

Every aspect of a ride's creation is covered, which left me in awe at the complexity involved in making these things. To keep the detailed sections light, th…

Pleas Stay Off The Stage. Thank You.

This Downtown Disney sign was made to keep guests off the faux shopping distirct's makeshift 2-ft tall risers roped off with velvet ropes and doused with buckets of shiny holiday trees. While the signs did their job (at least while we were present), we think the "Please stay off the stage. Thank you." portion of the sign could possibly be used in your everyday online pop culture an performing arts commentary. We of course have no right to authrorize such use, but below is that portion with which to do as you see fit. -Mark

Edible Orlando Cover: Bee's Knees Sweet Treats

Congratulations to Erica and Emily at Bee's Knees Sweet Treats for making the cover of Edible Orlando for the month of December! I love their products and regularly gorge on them. Here's video proof. These two self-described "Asian girls in aprons" make mini-cupcakes of all flavors and sell them at the Audubon Park Market and the College Park Farmers Market as well as work with private catering clients.

I will get the opportunity to showcase their mini-cupcakes at December's Mobile Art Show this Thursday December 16, 2010, 6-8:30pm, at the corner of Orange and Pine, downtown, inside the moving van. The show is all about cat hoarding, featuring Tess Bonacci's large "blanket of cats," so I convinced these awesome chefs to create, based on Tess's idea, mini-cupcakes that look like they're topped with cat litter and a little dab of poo on top. Amazing, right? Can't wait to see them.

Congratulations again to Bee's Knees S…

Tracy Burke and Ralph Verano Throwdown in the Milk Town

The Tracy Burke and Ralph Veranodouble-venue show Throwdown in the Milk Town in The Milk District (see more neighborhoods) is taking place at next-door venues The Milk Bar (2424 E. Robinson St., Orlando) and Social Chameleon (2406 E. Robinson St., Orlando). The opening reception was Sunday December 12, 2010; 6pm - 11pm. All artwork is under $150. Wine and beer available. The work will be for sale all month. This double-venue show is one of two shows the couple has running concurrently in December. The other is at Taste restaurant in College Park. 
The Milk Bar is one of two sites in the two-person show. 
The second site is The Social Chameleon restaurant seen above, also in the Milk District.