Gay nuns paint rainbows across swastikas

Photo Credit: Michael Vance, Jr.

On Sunday, November 16, 2009, The Center and neighboring businesses were vandalized with anti-gay messages, slurs and swastikas. The Orlando Sisters (a group of gay men faux-nuns) are organizing a paint party December 13, 2009 from 11am-4pm at the Center (946 North Mills Avenue, Orlando, FL). Helpers can show up at any time and help as long as they want. A five dollar suggested donation is being collected (90% to The Center, 10% to the Orlando Sisters’ for future community fundraising.)
"We are not letting the vandals win by living in fear. Instead people are becoming active in our community, in our fight for rights... hate and discrimination hurts everyone.“ -Micheal Vance, Executive Director, The Center