Winter Park Flash Mob | Joy to the World

Got this tip from Zac. He saw it on Facebook in a message from somone named Matt Tucker. (We have nothing to do with this, but hope it goes well!)

Sunday, November 22, 2009, 2-4pm, in Winter Park's Central Park on Park Avenue, you're invited to be a part of a spontaneous happening, a flash mob of 300-1,000 people singing "Joy To The World," with dancers, children, and Santa Claus! We'd love for you to join in. Go here for details: or or call 703-409-4511 and ask for Matt Tucker.

This will be filmed, and broadcast on YouTube, launching on Thanksgiving on our new Santa is Real Channel. If you'd like to join in please go to Please feel free to invite 3-5 people (or more if you'd like to!) that would like to come and be watchers, bystanders, pic-nickers, or that would like to join in on the singing! The instructions are there, as well as a download of the music if you'd like it. Also feel free to call me (Matt Tucker) at 703-409-4511, thanks, see you soon!

To see something similar check this video out:

It's posted multiple times and has received literally MILLIONS of views. We're hoping to do the same while spreading some joy for the holiday season.