Truth or Dare with Pepe and Miss Sammy | If you love theatre, gays and those who support both, this is the insane night of banana sucking for you

Truth or Dare (produced by Heidi Dog Productions) at The Peacock Room (1321 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL) has quickly (in 5 months) become a popular monthly boozy theatre-loving-crowd Orlando event. Its like Cabaret Party, minus the UCF undergrads actually singing. Its a talk show with two hosts, both of whom can hold their own just fine, put side by side, interviewing guests promoting their projects and then forcing them to play "truth or dare." The guests range from Orlando actor/directors to the people who pay them. This is a THEATRE talk show, if you didn't get my point. So if you don't enjoy theatre people, gays, drag queens and the humor these two "camps" bring, but want to learn how, this is the place to be (if you can even get into the always-packed room). Read a review here.

Their next show is November 19, 2009 at 10pm. Cover is $5 cash. The guests for are Margot Knight, President & CEO of United Arts of Central Florida, and stand-up comedian (and marketing guru for Hard Rock Cafe) Jeff Jones.
United Arts is the funnel that receives all the grants and government money earmarked for the arts, and distribute it to the hungry masses of shakespeare theatres and festivals and (wait for it) science museums. They also produce ArtsFest, coming up in February. You will be hearing about that everywhere over the next few months. Staff from United Arts will be on hand to answer questions and pass out information.

Stand-up comedian Jeff Jones opened for Joel McHale (Community, The Soup) and hosts his own night of comedy called "Mo' Laughs" (Mo=homo) at venues around Orlando. Comedic actor and improvisor Chase Padgett (he's brilliant) strums his guitar to add some music intros and outros, as well be the lone straight male in the entire building.
This is truth or dare, so they actually do play the game. And as you'd expect, these games involve adult toys, kissing, groping, removing pieces of clothing and bananas. Prizes for audience members who partake in these games include a $25 gift certificate to Urban Think! Bookstore (where the November 20 MOOM #5 will be), $25 bar tab at The Peacock Room, $20 gift certificate to Pom Pom's Teahouse & Sandwicheria, (priceless) tickets to SAK Comedy Lab, and gift certificates to Hamburger Mary's.