Reader has nine day vacation in Orlando but no plans and not a lot of cash. Ideas?

I got this email today from a reader asking for help. She's been given a nine day vacation for Thanksgiving (awesome) but has no plans. She obviously doesn't want to sit at home. Here's her email:
Hey Mark,

We've been given a longer-than-expected Thanksgiving vacation: one full week plus two weekends. Yay! Could you offer some suggestions of activities and attractions that could be visited in Orlando during that week? We live in the Audubon Park/Baldwin Park area and would like to remain close to home if possible. Also, we want to keep the costs to a minimum. Yes, we already plan to visit DisneyWorld. Thanks.

This is a good question. I'll have to check the calendar and a few other sources. In the meantime, anybody know of some fun stuff to do the week of Thanksgiving?